Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm sick of stupidity! (by anon)

I'm sick that anyone thinks that Scott Walker is doing something right.
I'm sick of jerks running our government and not even willing to talk about some kind of compromise.
I'm sick God-damn libertarians who think that individual wealth is more important than than the community as a whole.
I'm sick of that shit-for-brains Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, who is considered to be an intellectual Palin (holy shit!).
I'm sick of people not thinking that education is more important than it is.
I'm sick of the business school making a ton more money than the humanities.
I'm sick of dorks who think that the politician who has a complex view on a matter is somehow less of a good candidate than the politician with a black and white view of the world.
I'm so sick of people believing that public employees are making out like bandits when it is the super rich who are the real thieves.
I'm tired of that hell-hole Fox News and how people really think that they give any semblance of objective reporting (except for Shep! He's good.).
I cannot believe that Glenn Beck has all the support he has!!  Absolute crazy.

I'm sick of being sick of all these things!!  What happened to good thinking?  What happened to everyone pulling together for everyone else?  Why is up down and top bottom?  I'M ASKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...because it just doesn't make sense to me!  What the fuck is going on?  That is not rhetorical.  PLEASE.  Answer me.  My head is about to explode.  I am seriously hitting a wall because the lack of reason and morality (YES MORALITY) is  abundantly clear out in our stupid America.  How is it that Walker's plan so transparently exploits the middle class in order to pad the corporate pockets even more, and there isn't one huge Wisconsin (nay, American) voice saying "NO"?  It shouldn't even be a consideration.

And the worst part about it is that I don't feel like I can change anything.


  1. For answers to these and other, related, questions enroll in Sociology 240 and watch as social scientists explain how a lack of class conciousness causes good people to vote against their own interests in favor of bread and circuses.

    Embrace Teh Stoopid, My Young Friend. It never goes away. All you can do is align your moral compass with the stars of truth and keep fighting the good fight until you die penniless but rich with friends and family.

  2. I feel that it is our capitalistic society that breeds all of these problems and more. What needs to change is the way our society is structured in general....but that can't happen overnight I guess.

  3. Stay the course, young Skywalker, the force will be with you always.