Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who are these idiots who don't think there is climate change? (by anon)

Republican hopeful, Tim Pawlenty, is apologizing for supporting cap-and-trade (you know, legislation to limit the carbon output of corporations).  But he goes further and apologizes that he once supported "climate change."  Now, let me tell you what "climate change" is.

To believe in climate change is to believe that the earth is getting warmer, in part, because of humans.  We have released a ton of CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons) in the air that have been depleting the ozone layer.  And we have released a ton of other carbon-based compounds (most notably carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere that are contributing to a greenhouse effect.  While global warming started well before us humans arrived on the scene, we are certainly not helping the situation.  The purpose behind cap-and-trade would be to try and offset or limit the carbon output of industry.

Should one believe that climate change, or global warming, is real.  Oh my god yes!  The EPA has issued, "warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global average sea level."  This isn't coming from some schmuck who smoked a little dope and decided to whack off a bit of climate-change-babble.  These are the findings of the scientific community - you know, those people who test, test, and retest their experiments and conclusions all in the name of sufficient evidence, justification, and rationality yada yada.

So when Pawlenty apologizes for once believing in climate change, I want to scream, "You freaking idiot!  What planet are you from???"  He couldn't be from this one, because this one IS heating up and we aren't helping the situation one bit.  I guess he longer trusts the scientific community.  Holy crap that's bad.

But then to top it off, Pawlenty says that it's ok that he is flipping and flopping because other top Republican candidates are doing the same thing (yeah, like that makes it better).  More precisely, he says, "Everybody in the race, at least the big names in the race, embraced climate change or cap-and-trade at one point or another."  Now my head is really spinning.  All the Republicans who once believed in climate change are now changing their positions?  They are all denying climate change?  Can someone pinch me?  Is this for real?

But then the REAL KICKER is that Haley Barbour, another Republican candidate (probably), boasts that he has always been against climate change.  Ever since he was a lobbyist for some big industrial, mega-polluting, energy company, his view against global warming has been rock (and, yes, I'm thinking the same self-serving explanation too).  What an accomplishment!  Let's just deny the facts, support pollution, and then brag that you have never once deviated from that stance.

I feel like I'm in crazy town.  And the craziest part about it is that many many people take these people seriously.  That's scary shit.

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