Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shout, Scream, Think it out

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS........................

"The Critically Pissed" blog is a forum for any UWW student or faculty to air a frustration/criticism/argument about any issue that matters to him or her.  For instance, it could be about your classes, diversity issues, problems with students, problems with faculty, problems with the administration, issues with the media, state politics, national politics, any “ism,” or any other issue you find important and want people to hear what you have to say about it.  Posting is also a great way to let off that steam that has been building up!

The only requirement is that each post be a “reasoned” post.  No bald rants.  We want reasoned rants so that your views can persuade others and not sink to the level of many politicians and pundits.

The hope is that this kind of “critically pissed” forum can be another mouthpiece, a collective mouthpiece, to effect some measure of change (no matter how small).  Change is hard, but to say nothing means that change is impossible.

SO, SEND YOUR POSTS TO: criticallypissed@gmail.com

- All posts will be anonymous, but you can create a catchy alias if you want :)
- Word limit: 100-1000 words
- Come up with a title for your post (or else I will).
- Leave particular people’s names out of your posts, unless you believe they are really needed.
- Make sure you are giving REASONS for your view.

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