Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who cares what you think... (by anon)

Today I got an email with a link to the FDA’s alert about Japanese food imports (this post is not about Japan’s food problems). I read a little and then noticed that there were comments left by random people... on the FDA’s website. I can understand leaving comments on blogs that you follow or things that you have a connection to (like a local newspaper), but why do people feel compelled to leave a comment on the FDA’s website? Why do they think I care what their opinion is on the FDA testing Japanese food? And the comments weren't helpful or adding to the conversation- they were more opinions like "Better safe than sorry." I understand the irony- that I am posting on a blog about other people’s comments… My question is- what makes people comment on websites? I mean I had a thought as I was reading the article, “Hmm…bet we’ll hear more about that”. Did you need to know that I thought that? I don’t think so. Did that help your understanding of the topic? Hopefully not. I’m not really complaining…just pondering the phenomenon of comments and public (as in not internal) thinking.

1 comment:

  1. You left a comment about their comments, and I commented on your comment.
    The next person will comment on my comment of your comment of the comments made on the FDA site, an infinite and meaningless loop. Better to not comment at all unless meaningful and break the loop.

    So what's happening!