Thursday, March 3, 2011

Appropriate use of UWW email? (by Xavier)

I'll just come out and say that Walker makes me wretch.  I'm not the only UWW faculty member who has such a reaction to our new goon in office, but it is important that you know that I feel that way.  I say that because yesterday I received an email from another faculty member in the College of L&S who has been quite vocal against Walker's budget plans.  The email was criticizing the UW System's response to the latest installment of Walker's budget plans that cut about a tenth from UWW's budget.  The criticism blasted UW System for being too weak in their response and significantly understating the dire consequences of Walker's proposal.  The email continues to note the failed leadership of UW System's president as well as imply that UW System is not advocating for education adequately at all.

With that said, I agree for the most part.  I am wholly against Walker's proposal and I think that UW System could be stronger in its reaction.  But what I think is a little inappropriate is that that email sent from that faculty member presumably went to every faculty member in the College of L&S.  If by chance, I did not agree with that email, I would be pretty pissed.  I'd probably be thinking, "Why does that loudmouth feel that he/she can just spout off like that unsolicited?"  Should that person's views have that kind of forum when we try to protect our email inboxes from just that sort of unsolicited stuff?  If every faculty member started emailing everyone else their gripes, we would be flooded fast with email after email.  If I had thought that the UW System's response was appropriate and that the System president was doing a good job, should I send an email to everyone too?

So though I agree with the email, I think it is was inappropriate to send it everyone.  But I could be wrong.  It might have just gone to a few people of whom the faculty member felt comfortable sending it.  But I don't think that was the case.


  1. Xavier, I understand your issue, but really this is not a big deal. We do have a delete button, and we receive these kind of emails all the time. However, a much bigger issue is the legality of using emails in this manner. First, all emails are considered to be public records and therefore they have to be retained per the public records law. Second, if the faculty used his email to express a political opinion then he or she violated the law. Faculty, including students, should understand the law regarding the appropriate use of state own email networks.

  2. The person used a gmail account. I just find that using our work email addresses to rant a personal view shows either a lack of respect for one's colleagues or an inflated sense of self-worth or both. And like I said, I did agree with the faculty members' remarks.

  3. Xavier, there are uprisings in the Middle East, massive protests against right wing governors seeking to destroy unions, huge unemployment in the nation, so understandably, inappropriate email usage should be placed at the bottom of pressing priorities, especially you agree with the gist of the message, then read it and delete it.

  4. Um, Anon 3:32, do you get the irony of your comment?