Monday, February 21, 2011

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (by anon)

I can't help it.  Please post this.  My brain is exploding about this Walker and his fucking supporters.  This shit has got to stop!!!!!

Tea Party shits are saying "The gravy train is over" and airhead Palin says that we, the people getting screwed by Walker, must be "willing to make sacrifices." OOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!  Did she really say that?  The buffoon who quit her job to make gagillions in speaking engagements and the like is telling me, a hard working underpaid teacher, to make sacrifices.  WTF

"Gravy train"???  What gravy train?  Was there one and I missed it?  No.  There was no gravy train for us teachers.  There isn't one now.  How the hell does this misinformation get out there?

Walker says that the state is in a fiscal crisis.  He says that we are "broke."  WE'RE NOT.  Read the studies that say we have been getting much better.  He didn't need to do anything.  Oh, but he did decide to give businesses 140 million in tax breaks this January.  And now we, the teachers and the nurses and others, have to shoulder the cost.

And what really gets me is that the vast majority of the teachers and nurses in Wisconsin are WOMEN!!  Yes, Walker is doing nothing short than shitting on women to get big tax breaks for all his business buddies.  Oh, but he'll give some concessions to the fire and police departments - and their mostly men!!  How is this not backdoor sexism?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!???

Sorry.  I had to get that out somewhere.



  1. Glad you go it out. A shout out to teachers, my own wife is a teacher and she refused to go to school unit the union gave her the ok. al jazeera is now covering the Madison uprising, along with the other shit breaking in the Middle East. Dictators and puppets of US empire are falling like hot cakes. The tea party were out numbered 35 to 1 on Sunday. Bring em on.

  2. Walker has fucked up now. He has gotten people mad and they are not going to take it any more.

    * Scheduled protests in support of labor:

    Juneau, AK
    Tuesday, February 22 . 12:00pm, Contact AFSCME for details

    Little Rock, AR
    Wednesday, February 23 . 11:30am, State Capitol

    Phoenix, AZ
    Tuesday, February 22 . Contact AFSCME for details

    Sacramento, CA
    Tuesday, February 22 . 5:30pm. State Capitol, West steps

    San Diego, CA
    Tuesday, February 22 . 4:30pm. 3737 Camino del Rio South

    Denver, CO
    Tuesday, February 22 . 12:00pm, Colorado State House

    Hartford, CT
    Wednesday, February 23 . 12:00pm, State Capitol West Steps

    Chicago, IL
    Monday, February 21 . 6:00am, Plumber’s Hall. Buses to Madison, WI returning at 9pm. Contact Chicago Jobs with Justice to reserve a seat.

    Indianapolis, IN
    Monday, February 21 · 9:00am – 5:00pm, Indiana State House, Room 156A in the basement. This is a hearing on IN’s Right to Work Bill.

    Des Moines, IA
    Tuesday, February 22 . 1:00pm, State Capitol west steps

    Boston, MA
    Tuesday, February 22 · 4:00pm – 6:00pm, Massachusetts State House

    Springfield, MA
    Tuesday, February 22 · 4:00pm, City Hall, W. Mass JwJ for more info

    Annapolis, MD
    Tuesday, February 22 . 12:00pm, Lawyer’s Mall. MD AFL-CIO for more info

    Lansing, MI
    Tuesday, February 22 . 9:00am . 215 N. Capitol (corner of Ottawa) Central United Methodist Church

    Saint Paul, MN
    Tuesday, February 22 · 4:00pm – 5:00pm. Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda

    Helena, MT
    Monday, February 21 . 2:00pm . 1301 East 6th Avenue

    Raleigh, NC
    Monday, February 21 . 12:00pm. North Carolina State Capitol, UE Local 150 for more info

    Santa Fe, NM
    Tuesday, February 22 . 12:15pm. State House East side

    Carson City, NV
    Monday, February 21 . 12:00pm. State Capitol

    Las Vegas, NV
    Monday, February 21 . 12:00pm. State Building

    Canton, OH
    Tuesday, February 22 . 4:00pm. Rally against SB5 at the Civic Center, 1101 Market Ave. N.

    Cleveland, OH
    Tuesday, February 22 . various. Buses to Columbus for Ohio’s SB5 hearing. Contact Cleveland JwJ for details.

    Columbus, OH
    Tuesday, February 22 . 4:00pm, Ohio State House. This is a hearing on Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 which would ban collective bargaining for public workers.

    Salem, OR
    Monday, February 21 . 12:00pm. Oregon State House, Rally for Education & Solidarity with Wisconsin Workers, contact Portland JwJ for details

    Scranton, PA
    Wednesday, February 23 . 12:00pm, Lackawanna Court House

    San Juan, PR
    Monday, February 21 . State Capitol, contact PR AFL-CIO for details

    Providence, RI
    Tuesday, February 22 · 4:30pm – 7:30pm, Rhode Island State House

    Salt Lake City, UT
    Tuesday, February 22. State Capitol, contact UT AFL-CIO for details

    Montpelier, VT
    Tuesday, February 22 . 12:00pm. State Capitol

    Olympia, WA
    Monday, February 21 . Contact AFSCME for details

    Madison, WI
    Rallies at the Statehouse continues -- Last count 80,000 people at protest

    In addition, there are shouts outs from Egypt, and the entire Middle East and Europe and the rest of the world. The world is sending pizzas to the protesters. The shit is on now.

  3. I just can't believe that Walker refuses to talk at all about his repair bill. I mean, what kind of governance is that? Just another dumbass, white, rich, male who thinks he knows best for everyone without even consulting those he would impact.

  4. It looks like Indiana Democrat senators are doing the same as our Democrat senators to avoid a vote on anti-union legislation.

  5. Yep, this shit is real now. This is a battle for the life of the Democratic Party. If unions and working people go down, democratic politics is gone baby gone replaced by globalists like the Koch Bros. Time to roll up the sleeves and fight.

  6. Bad news for Walker. Two Republican governors are softening their positions concerning unions. The Indiana and Florida govs are saying that now is not the time to break up unions. And Gallop just released a national poll that said that over 60% of the people would oppose a bill the ends collective bargaining. AND another study came out saying that Wisconsin's pension system is working great - that there is no real need for the employee's to contribute.

    Walker may be walking alone now. If he lays off anyone, his skies will darken fast.

  7. Here's the bit about how healthy our pension system is in WI.