Thursday, September 6, 2012 a perjorative light (by The Bipolar Phoenix)

It's getting close to that time of year ladies and gentleman!  Oh boy, election season, my favorite time of the year! And boy, i got my game face on, NOT!

I'm so sick of the modern political climate. It seems that both democrats and republicans will continuously sling mud at each other. AND GUESS WHAT? THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY YOU CAN discriminate fact from fiction (especially the ones on fox). This is an attempt to confuse voters with scare tactics but as long as both sides do it, it's a wash! Now, with all of the political rubbish going on, i cannot help but use the word "politics" in a pejorative manner. So, bipolar phoenix, you are going to vote right?

Well, to be honest...NO! And here's why:

Most democratics or republicans... all of them are self-serving crooks. I'm not playing the archetypical American cynic, but it's the truth. There is less variability between what would happen with Obama and Romney in the next 4 years than you think. if you truly believe that there is a such a clear and distinct difference between both candidates you are being taken. The age of politics is nothing more than an exercise in masturbatory political/bureaucratic policy fronted by patriarchal capitalists. So when the fine wisconsites and Fibs honestly believe that one person can have so much sway on anything in this country right now you are wrong. Obama- or even Romney's potential presidency- would have less of an impact on the economy or anything really for that matter. Whatever crumbs of progress fall through are negligible because the democrats will stymie (or be unreasonable when reaching a medium)the republicans to retain power; and the republicans Filabuster anything  (usually though the republicans are more rigid and do this more often). So, the question I have is why do I have to waste my time and vote? it's nothing more than a cultural rite of passage now as everyone wants to look self-righteous and say I voted for that guy or this guy so they have someone to point the finger of blame when the other guy messes up. And yes, this is what is called bipartisan and has divided and prevented our country from really accomplishing anything in the last decade. The country will not heal until democratics and republicans unite in solidarity to truly advocate for the majority of the United states. And the majority of the united states is not the wealthy but is composed of the middle and lower class @99 percenters vs 1 percent (Don't even get me started on the laffer curve trickle down nonsense theory).

It is also truly a shame that political affairs and the voting process is now relegated to strictly a side-show freak circus. I guess it does not matter though anyways, as I'm a fib and Illinois has not ever been slanted towards the right since the 1920's. I guess Obama got my vote and I do not even have to vote!

- The Bipolar Phoenix


  1. What kind of thinking is this, Obama got your vote and you don't even have to vote. Voting does make a difference whether you know it or not. Had Kerry won in 2080, the Neocons would not have followed Bush into the White House, and no Iraq War. Thousands of young Americans would still be alive along with a million people in Iraq. So get your ass out and vote. BTW, Romney and Ryan, if they win, are going to fuck you up like Scott Walker.

  2. ^you mean in 2004 right? How can you be so sure? If I'm not mistaken actually, Kerry voted for the Iraq war; you are suggesting that we would have immediately withdrawn from it had you won in 2004? Your facts are misplaced young grasshopper.

    Scott Walker has not personally fucked me up. I do not know what you are talking about... his policies do not affect me whatsoever

    -bipolar phoenix