Monday, September 24, 2012

Ugly ugly racism (by anon)

Historically speaking whites were racist towards blacks... hell to be politically correct we were racist to just about every other nationality but lets stay focused. We're talking black and white. It is correct to say that socially it is wrong to say the word nigger... that goes for anybody... then you bring up the word nigga... now that is okay to most black people if you are black. It is not okay to black people however if a white person even in a loving way says it. (My example being the song lyrics; I hope all of my niggas know I love them when I die...) (That seems pretty loving to me) Now I get that this word has sparked interest in many heated debates and that word is not something I'd like to debate. Instead my critically pissed rant comes from an incident recently that involved me and a few black people. I was just trying to give you the ugly truth about the hypricritical acts that go on daily between blacks and whites... So Facebook.. yes good ole facebook put me in a situation. I'm scrolling down and see a post between two black people saying "Don't go to work (she's pregnant) make your man go and you stay home like the white woman do" Now I couldn't help post back "Wow that's funny I must not be white anymore because I have two jobs and I'm currently on my last year of college! Goofy". Some thing in me couldn't scroll past the post as if it meant nothing because I don't find it funny to crack jokes about white women but yet if any joke is cracked about black woman it becomes an issue of racism. To continue with the story... The girl posted back telling me to mind my own business and that it was a figure of speech-- one I must have missed in all the steorotypes out there-- I was told to stay off her statuses. I then replyed and asked her why it was ok to make disrespectful comments towards white women and that I'd delete her so that I could prevent myself from seeing anymore ignorant posts. I then received a message from another black woman who insisted the first person making the white woman comment was referring to real white woman, not me... someone who has a big lower lip and by the looks of it I always have big black d*** in my mouth... NOW tell me this just aint right!! All because I stuck up for all the white women who do secure jobs and don't rely on a man for support I am now judged off of my appearance and degraded... this is only one incident that I have dealt with when it comes to me dating the opposite color than mine. Unfortunately racism has gotten so ugly that a person cannot defend her own culture because she may be attacked and humilated to an unneccessary extent.  Sad but true. Is this something that can even be debated? I can't imagine one person would justify these words to anyone...


  1. Sounds to me like maybe you shouldn't have even commented on the post in the first place.

    If I were you, I would have probably just chuckled and not taken offense at what the black woman said about white women. It was a joke, perhaps a mildly off-kilter racist joke, but a joke nonetheless. So I'd say, get over it... move on... my conclusion - you're a little too sensitive and pride-ridden for your own good, not to mention those women - they seem like real gems, judging from the nasty message you received. I bet you have better things to do than argue with people like that.

  2. Your point in the post is, I think, obvious. Some black people in America generally speak as if they have some kind of retributional right to be racist towards whites. Fine. Yes they're being racist. The problem is that we're all racist. More than racist we all make snap judgements about others regardless of what trait we analyze. Skin color, clothing, accent, etc. all can be used to categorize people. For instance you got all fiery about the racist portion of the comment but didn't seem to react very much to the fact that the "man" was sent off to work while the woman stayed at home. Ah, sexist. Also I find it curious to speak of the "color opposite of yours." On what spectrum are you making this comparison?
    I agree that it is annoying that there is some kind of racial moral ground that the American culture has developed. We generally allow blacks to speak of Niggers and whites have to be cautious about saying the "N-word" Whatever. We're not killing eachother (as much) and enslaving eachother anymore. Consider the current climate to be tolerable and move on. If you allow yourself to become entrenched in racist debate all you do is continue to highlight, amplify, and reiterate racist attitudes.
    I would imagine that the people you were talking to probaly enjoy immensly that you were irritated by the way they talked and probably have increased the frequency with which they refer to "the white woman." They probably use it as a first name reference to you personally at this point.
    Remember when you were little and somebody called you a name? Did the name calling stop if you screamed and yelled about it, or if you just didn't care? My advice is not to allow such petty remarks to gain purchase on your mind, and if they do think about why that annoys you. Perhaps it would be more productive to examine your own attitudes? These are human beings other than yourself, thus they have a right to live however they like and think what they like. You likewise have the same rights, but it may pay to be clever rather than to react emotionally.
    -Free Willy