Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hungry for change (by a very hungry student)

The on campus meal plan has some issues. I am a student at UWW and my main objection is that I can not use my meal plans as I need. In the beginning of the year I purchased 24 meals a week. I thought I would be able to eat these meals whenever I wanted and if I ran out, well I would be out of luck until the next week. However, this is not the case. I am bound to only using one or two per session. I have a problem with this because I have already purchased the meals. As far as I am concerned, the meals belong to me. I should be able to redeem them as I feel necessary. If I want to use all 24 of my meals a week on Monday, I believe that I should be able to do so. I am an adult, I am responsible enough to budget my meals. I do not see any purpose or benefit in this rule. I have talked to many students and I have heard many similar complaints. If anyone can offer me any insight to why this meal plan works the way it does, that would be great.

Many thanks,
Hungry Student


  1. Maybe you can bring it up with the Chancellor at one of his listening sessions. The next one is Oct. 23rd at 10 in the morning I believe, in the UC, like room 261 or something (you probably got an e-mail at some point). I've never been to one, but I know there usually isn't a set agenda and you can talk to him about stuff you're concerned about regarding the university.

  2. It is Wisconsin law for schools to set up these sort of meal plans for Freshman/Sophomore students (that do not fall under any of the exemptions). I do not know what the exact reasoning is behind that law, however. I would be speculating.

    Next time I would recommend doing research and taking the 10 meal plan and just pack Dining Dollars onto the plan. Dining Dollars are more like what you are looking for. Change it to that for next semester if you are required to have a meal plan still by then.

  3. Just drop out, wait until you're old enough or whatever to be exempt from all the kiddie treatment (like having to live on campus and eat the crappy campus food) and then come back. When I came to Whitewater, I didn't have to go through all that bullshit and I'm so glad for it.

  4. You could have just changed your plan to My Meals if that option was available for you (not everyone can get them). That is exactly the meal plan you were looking for. The first couple weeks of each semester you can change your meal plan. It's your own fault for not asking anyone sooner.