Sunday, May 22, 2011

Politics, Dividing a Country (by anon)

It seems to me that people vote based on if the candidate or the person in the position before them did a good job or not.  For example, Bush wasn’t liked at the end of his second term so then Obama ended up winning by a huge landslide.  No one ever really wins in politics anymore; the truth is that we can never agree.  Someone is always going to think differently and I think that it is dividing the country up.  We are far from united; we are too busy arguing with each other instead of collaborating to find a solution that works for everyone.  I think that we take a step back and learn how to talk like civilized people.

Whenever a conversation about politics comes up, more times than not the conversation is anything but civil.  Politics is dividing the country instead of unifying it.  Needless to say, look at what happened when Scott Walker passed the budget bill.  Wisconsin went into an uproar.  And it completely divided the state up into two sides.  This is not how politics should work; this is not what politics should do to a country.  We need to learn to get along and actually talk things out and figure out what is best for everyone instead of being self centered and trying to “beat” the other person.  We are all in this together so we need to come to a conclusion together.

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