Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day a sham? (by someone)

You should be ashamed of your Memorial Day.  You decimate the Native Americans so that you can have "your" country and then you build your country on the backs of slaves.  All those countless deaths on your shoulders and you have a "Memorial Day" to commemorate your loved ones.  Why don't you remember those whom you should remember, the people you killed so that you can have your lives?  You should have a collective "Memorial Mourning" instead of that sham of a holiday you have today.



  1. Do you not value the work of our military?? Do you not feel that we should honor them?

  2. If I am correct, the roots of Memorial Day date back towards the Civil War (no relation to Indians/Native Americans). I myself have a brother in the military and appreciate his and many other countless individuals' work. I don't think we sit and glorify the decimation of Native Americans.

  3. I do not think that people think much about US policies on May 30th. It would be painful to realize how much death and carnage the US military caused in the world. It is easier to glorify and honor the military than to really know the truth behind the facade. It is your choice whether you want to honor the military. From where I sit, the US military is nothing more than the shock troops of the empire, poorly paid hatchet man. They are all expendables!! I find no logic in honoring the soldiers of the empire.