Saturday, December 1, 2012

Damn Canadians! (by anon)

My neighbors have been demoted to just being referred to as “The Canadians.” What little relationship we may have had, whatever ounce of liking I had of them was all washed away with their meaningless decision to build a two story, 2500 square foot “garage.” Every time I see them, their little project, their faces, their kids I just get so annoyed and think to myself… Goddamn Canadians. They are referred to this by my whole family because one of them has a Canadian heritage so it is a family joke that it must be a Canadian thing or, damn Canadians, things of that nature.

Our relationship was never the best with them but it was slowly developing and at least we could tolerate them or have a simple conversation. Then they started this project- the construction of this two level garage which is bigger than the size of my house, right on the lot line. They got allowance to have it right on the lot line because we are in a zone commercial area; therefore, they did not legally have to be six feet or any other amount away if it was not by their choice. The board also said they can “Build to the sky” giving my family an awesome view of a wall when we used to see across to the street or what used to be beautiful morning’s. Because it is a two story building you can imagine the amount sunshine that we are no longer able to see because of it and its close proximity to us.

They started by tearing down their old garage which I already considered to be pretty big- not only was it able to fit two cars but it also had another area for the lawn mower, kids toys, tools and other objects they needed to store. But I guess that was not good enough, so they started preparations for their new addition. Week by week their project slowly rose from the ground and recently they basically finished the frame of building- and it is huge. It just seems like a massive waste of money when they only have two cars and their kids are both under the age of eight, not to mention the fact that their driveway could also fit six cars so it is not like they did not have the room. Not only is this building and eyesore to my family and me because of its enormous structure, but I feel that it also deemphasizes the neighborhood feel to our block because what they have built looks like it is a part of some business. Maybe instead of building this monstrosity they could invest and save their money for something more important.


  1. You anger is directed at the people next door, not to all Canadians. Your family joke is insensitive to Canadians.

    Are you aware of the fact that here are over 35 million people from all races living in Canada? They live in all kinds of conditions, from the urban areas to small villages of native Canadians. This is an extremely diverse nation. You and your family should visit Canada and observe first hand the rich diversity and history of this country.

    So which group of Canadians are you and your family putting down or do you even know? Next time, a member of your family shits on Canadians, step forward and point out that they are putting down over 34 million people.

    Take time to lean some basic geography then you will not write these kind of posts confirming the ignorance of your family.

    By the way, these kind of jokes are not funny. I wonder what you and your family joke about when it comes to other races, sexual orientations, etc. Damn niggers. Damn dikes! Damn fags!

    For example if the family next door was black, you and your family would be referring to them as damn niggers.

  2. Ok anon 5:47 you took this post way too seriously.
    It's not a serious post about anything relevant to anyone but the pouty family who is annoyed by their neighbor's building project. Upon moving onto the property, the poster's family should have known that it was possible (given the rules of the area) that someone could build something right on their lot line, and they probably should have expected it, given their lack of building a significant relationship with those living right next door.
    Anyway, there are much more important and widespread problems in this world, and I hoped this blog would not deteriorate into simply accommodating low-level complaints such as this one.

  3. Okay, I get it but next time be careful with your words. I am a Canadian.