Friday, December 21, 2012

Do your job, damn professor (by anon)

I have a professor who seems to hate her life because she takes it out on everyone in her classes. For the first 15 minutes of every class she yells at us about the one or two freshmen who don’t know how to navigate D2L. She complains how those few students email her and because she has over 150 students she tells us not to email her because if everyone emailed her then she wouldn't have enough time to do anything else. Not only does she tell us not to email her but she discouraged us from going to her office claiming the same nonsense as the email charade. What kind of teacher discourages her students from getting extra help? 
What makes the matter even crazier is that I just found out she isn't even a full time teacher! I have friends who work full time while taking 18 credits of upper division courses and they don’t even complain as much as she does. If they had professors like her they would be doomed. She needs to get a clue to do her job right. This is what you are being paid for after all. Teachers should encourage their students to come to their office hours and recognize that their students want to learn and improve their grade. They should never push their students away from contacting them for help. I have had many excellent professors but the ones who don’t quite get what their job is or lost their passion need to get back on the college teaching level.

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  1. Yeah. I hate professors like that. I had a professor this semester who had at least 4 students at his desk after class and 12 after each exam. For one exam, he threw a complete curveball at everyone and then someone asked him how to study for his exams and he told them he couldn't help us and we should just know how to do everything. I stormed off after he said that because I was just so beyond baffled.

    Why become a professor if your main goal isn't to help your students? I feel like that should always be the main priority.