Monday, December 24, 2012

Two notes about religion (by anon)

My argument deals with religion. I believe from my own interpretations that the only similarity in religions all over the world is that it is was FIRST used to define what people considered to be sacred. TODAY religion is used to define people by which god or gods they choose to follow. Truly, what does that even mean? People should value what they feel is sacred, and find ways to appreciate and celebrate it. These sacred things could be nature, sight, hearing, touching, tasting, living, having sex, communicating, raising children, spending time with friends and family. Don't those things seem more important to finding what makes us people be who we are, more than fighting over whose religion is the best?

Furthermore a person who is being told what to believe isn't making their own thoughts.  Religion, if it exists at all, should be more about giving expression to certain values that are good for society, like the ten commandments but without the god talk.  Religion shouldn’t be about telling people what to believe about truth.  A person should find what is important to them and say individually what they believe is right.  If someone follows a god and is told that to not believe a small detail in that religion means big problems, that person should get the clue that something is seriously wrong there.  They should know that they are being tricked.  Whether religious or not, people should not fight over each other's values and we should define what is sacred.   

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