Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Use your turn signals!! (by anon)

Probably my biggest pet peeve for drivers is people who don't use their turn signals.  Like when your cruising down the road and some guy suddenly slams on his breaks and makes a sudden turn into a side street.  Why the hell can’t you be courteous enough to let the other drivers on the road know your turning?  When you are cruising down the road between 60-80 mph why the hell do you think it’s ok to just slow down and make a turn, especially when there's no turn lane.  And to make it worse a lot of the times they can’t turn right away and you’re stuck behind this guy while traffic in the right lane flys past you.  And now you can’t merge like you could have if the person just let you know with their signal in advance.  It just pisses me off the fact that you have it and it’s so easy to use, it makes you and the people around you safer and you don't use it.  It’s just a little flick of your hand and it’s on.  Don’t endanger yourself and people around you. Use your signals people!

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