Thursday, December 13, 2012

This professor's exams suck! (by anon)

I have a class were the final exam and mid term are 25 short answer questions based on the lectures with no study guides. So the professor just expects us to blindly read the notes and hope that what we read is on the final. This is total bullshit!  How do you expect us to get a good grade if we don't even have any idea what is on the test? I like this professor but I just don't like how he assembled the course. If he were to put at least some sort of aid on there, a list of possible questions, study guide, even just an outline, that would be great. I know my classmates feel the same way. The class average on the mid term was a 58%. 58%!  That’s failing!!  Now even if you knew how to study for that, it’s still a very hard way to take a test. Maybe throw some multiple choice in there. Maybe a few true and false. Anything other than a whole short answer test. Like I said, nothing against the professor. I just wish that he would re-evaluate how he put the test together and how he chooses to assess us.  Doesn’t he want us to do well in the course?  His exams suck!


  1. A syllabus usually outlines what will be covered during the semester. I am sure that some syllabi actually contain lists of books to read to prepare for such.

  2. I don't know what class this is for but it must have covered a fairly limited amount of material, thus you DO have an idea what will be on the exam. Hopefully you attended every class and took sufficient notes and fully understand the material enough to provide answers to some specific relevant questions. Doesn't sound that unreasonable to me.

  3. Stop crying so much and looking for a handout. This is college, not grade school. If this was a more competitive institution like Yale, Harvard, etc, you would be the laughing stock of the student body. So get it together and stop complaining and get the job done.