Saturday, December 29, 2012

Whitewater police (by anon)

One issue that I find critically piss off worthy is the use of Whitewater cops at UWW.  The cops here are used as a flitering mechanism to balance out the universities overload of students.  Overall, I have heard stories of abuse, lying, paying off rats, ticketing off hearsay, and just a bunch of dirty cop work.  Even though cops are allowed to lie to students, the cops will lie about your rights, and morally that seems wrong to me.  They use rules such as "cannot be in the presence of alcohol", that rule alone could convict any student at some time.  The cops make up rules, and lie to kids that do not know their rights.  They search hallways as extra work which would go against the 3rd amendment, if the university wasn't on the side of the police.  The atmosphere of the entire campus is being put down and I believe if the cops do not change their ways Whitewater will start losing money because of a lack of students.  All of my freshman friends want to leave, leave every weekend, and consider the dorms to be a living hell, a jailcell.  The police are everywhere and have taken the fun out of everything.  I believe that in the living room with my parents I could have gotten away with more than here at Whitewater.  
College is supposed to be a time to discover who you are through social connects.  Honestly, how is anyone supposed to do that when everyone is getting tickets for harmless crimes that even parents would allow?  I understand that police are supposed to stop people from doing crimes, but this is a college campus, we are in the primes of our lives in the most fresh state of mind and physical health. What the hell are we supposed to do on weekends besides party and meet people?  The problem is the police are going nuts this year and its filtering system is working…but word of mouth will hit this school right across the face when word gets out that it feels like a concentration camp during weekends.  It's empty, no noise, police arresting all the time, everywhere, no emotion, no communication.  

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