Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stop pretending (by anon)

Something I have realized recently, that bothers me to the extreme, is when people pretend to be someone they are not, pretend they actually care when I know they don’t or try to act like a friend or they are concerned when they could really care less. I know the only reason you pretend to care is to seem like a good person or you have some ulterior motive that will essentially benefit you. You don’t do things to help me or because you are interested in my life so stop pretending; I know you don’t care, just leave me alone if you don’t really mean it. It annoys me even more if you go out of your way to sound sincere and concerned than if you wouldn’t say anything at all.

I know a person like this who will do or say things, make reasons to get on my good side or seem like they truly want to know about my life or what I have to say. However, I know the only reason you ever acknowledge me is because either the person you like is talking to me so of course you either have to insert yourself into our conversation or redirect his attention to you somehow. You have to be the last one to be seen by him or you have to get the last word in, you’re on his heels whether he is going near or far distances, you will create any excuse to have to go to the same place he is. If he starts a sentence with I need someone to… you say I can before he can barely finish the thought.

You’re not his mom, you’re certainly not his girlfriend; therefore, you do not have any rights to basically claim him to yourself, as of right now you are merely a friend which I know is hard to swallow but you need to back off! Gain some independence and with the ounce of individualism you may have, just think for yourself. He has friends, you’re not the only one in his life and believe it or not your charade gets old. It is pitiful watching you go out of you way to do everything for him; you are degrading and losing all sense of dignity and morals that you may possess.


  1. Ok this post started out as possibly touching on some interesting existential concerns, but then devolved into the ranting of a neurotic sociopath...

    Who are you talking to? Maybe you should address the person instead of writing a blog that is WAY too personal for my taste (and probably others' too). Basically, it sounds like you have a personal problem and I don't really think this blog is a good place for disclosing that...

  2. It sounds more like jealousy, than a rant about wanting real friends. maybe you should tell her you don't like it when he/she talks to him when you are around.