Saturday, November 24, 2012

Justin Bieber fever is making me puke (by anon)

I don’t get it.  I’ve tried to get it, but it’s not happening.  This whole Justin Bieber craze is disgusting.  If he wasn’t so popular, there would be no problem, but that is SO not the case because, evidently, he is one of the most popular music artists right now and there is no end in sight.  I could understand flash-in-the-pants fame, but not this longstanding popularity.  For god’s sake, he just one the Grammy’s most prestigious award: best artist of the year!  Here are my problems with this phenomenon I’m going to call, “BIEBERSHIT.”

His voice is absolutely generic.  There is nothing distinctive about his voice except that it is absolutely generic.  That could be any generic voice singing what he sings to the precise level of ability as Bieber sings.  In fact, it could be a male or female singing these Bieber-songs for who could tell what sex Bieber is from just listening to his songs.  If he wrote his own songs, that would be a different story, but alas, as with most major pop stars, he is only the mouthpiece of the real music artists.  If he had some edge, something sultry, some extraordinary voice talent, or anything other than his generic voice quality, that would be something.  But his voice is absolutely replaceable.

His look is truly something to marvel at.  No.  I take that back.  What is to marvel is how other people take his look seriously.  Take this image from the recent Grammy’s where he took the show:

This image strikes me as suburban white boy trying to be all gangsta hip.  I mean, come on!  Do I really need to say any more?  There will always be people dressing in all kinds of ways, and that is a good thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  But there is something wrong when a baby-faced white boy is trying to look all bad boy when it looks just gimmicky.

You can all shit on me because I’m not feeling your Bieber fever.  But this is all Biebershit to me.


  1. I have a feeling most people who read this blog will probably agree that Bieber lacks any real musical or creative talent, just like the majority (if not all) of the popular performers of the current era of fabricated mainstream pop. To even call Bieber an artist, let alone the best artist of the year or whatever, just goes to show how worthless the Grammy's (not to mention the American population) are when it comes to evaluating music and performers. I guarantee someone is personally (with no help from producers) creating way better original music in their mom's basement right now, but they'll probably end up in some Indy section that maybe 1/100000 people will ever hear about, if they're lucky.

  2. It really does not matter what you say about Justin and his talent, the facts are the facts. He is a successful artist who sells lots of records, has sold out performances ALL around the world, and he makes a lot of money. How much do you make?

    In addition, those in the industry consider him to be a major talent. After all, Usher signed him! So stop being so critical and jealous, wish him well with continued success. I do not like every artist out there but I wish them all well. I do not know you but I wish you well.

    By the way, without an ounce of musical or creative talent (your words), Justin is worth over 100 million dollars RIGHT NOW. He made 60 million last year alone. You and other Justin haters will be lucky if you can make 1 million during your entire lives. You will struggle to retire with a pension and social security. Justin has enough money to retire right now in pure luxury and comfort and you have the audacity to say that he lacks any real musical or creative talent. So people are just giving him money based on his good looks or they are all stupid and not as smart as you? Oh I forgot you are the musical expert able to instantly evaluate music talent by looking at television.

    Just say you don't like his music and leave it at that.

    I wish I had his no talent. LOL

    Don't you?

    1. "So people are just giving him money based on his good looks or they are all stupid and not as smart as you?"

      Actually, to the former, yes. And to the latter, maybe. Do you really think Bieber's looks haven't had a lot to do with his monetary success? You argue that if a so-called musical artist makes a lot of money and is considered "a major talent" by those in "the industry", then they are obviously truly a talented and creative individual. Clearly, you and I have much different standards by which to assess one's level of musical creative talent - you look at "the facts" of one's popularity and financial success, and you ignore qualitative criteria when it comes to assessing creative musical talent (criteria you might just render as indicating subjective "liking" and subjectively defining what it means to be "creative", "musical", and "talented").

      Novelty, originality, individuality, and distinctiveness are part of the main criteria by which I would judge one's level of musical creative talent.

      Even if Bieber's voice is truly magnificent sounding, how much does that have to do with his creative talent for music/poetry? There are a lot of people out there with beautiful voices, so why pick Bieber? The themes of his songs (if he even writes them himself) are not novel by any means, nor is the general sound of his music (if he even writes it himself). I see less "creative musical talent" in him than in people I've seen around Whitewater. I see imitation and superficiality in Bieber, and those two qualities do not signify creative musical talent, if anything they completely negate it. Lastly, I feel sorry for anyone who thinks Bieber's lyrics are really "deep" or terribly meaningful and interesting, or even poetic and moving at all. Perhaps one day, Bieber will grow up and really develop a talent, but for now, he is all fluff and image.

  3. I love Justin. His music turns me on. So leave him alone.

  4. one of the arguments on here advocates musical integrity and success go hand-in-hand. That presupposes that the american population knows what good music is..... also, honey-boop-boo made millions too... guess that makes that and Jersey shore and all the other shows lacking any sort of sophistication great right? Justin Bieber is just a poster boy for the first wave of youtube icons.... He got extremely lucky. He is not any more talented than the next youtube hot shot soon to go viral. Like, I said, he was there at the right time and place. He's honestly nothing special other than the fact he people give his life and music so much credence for reasons unbeknownst to me (I blame the media spotline 24/7) So what if he's worth millions of dollars? Americans love buying crap because we are stupid.Well, it won't matter any longer. You can rest in peace knowing you'll never have to relive another bieber tune as the world will end in about a month!

    Bipolar Phoenix

  5. You really have nothing better to do but HATE to everything. If you're going to hate, hate Offline. No one cares. Stop clogging the tubes with your stupid hate.