Saturday, November 17, 2012

Towed away (by anon)

Here's a story for you: I was at my friends apartment the other night and figured I could drive and park there since I had before and there were no signs posted that the spaces were only for people with permits. WELL, being there not merely an hour, my friend stepped outside for a moment only to find my car on top of a tow truck! luckily he claimed the car and the driver was nice enough to take it off so I did not have to pay the fine.

Here's the kicker: In order to have your car towed, you have to get a 'warning' or a parking ticket first in order for them to do so, at least at this lot. I had gotten the ticket a half hour before the tow truck came, so I was thanking my lucky stars that he let me off the hook.

The problem: I think that Whitewater should give a ticket the first time, then the second time they catch you there they should have rights to tow. Also, there should be signs stating the regulations clearly. To this day there is still no sign or anything posted about the rules of parking. The tow truck frequently makes its rounds through the lot, capturing unknowing poor little cars and trucks and taking them to their doom (an expensive doom at that). Easy money for the city, but hard on the pocket book of a broke college student.

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  1. If you knew that the tow truck makes its round through the lot, then why did you to elect to park there in the first damn place. There must be something posted regarding parking. Perhaps you missed it. I have seen students parking in the handicap parking spots and it pisses me off. I broke off the windshield wipers of a car illegal parked in handicap parking. They also will park in reserved parking spots. I say tow them and make em pay. I will call the tow truck. So stop crying and consider yourself lucky this time cause next time we will get you. So look around before you park or your car will be towed or the windshield wipers destroyed.

    Tow em all!