Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hey, Ho, the police chief should not go! (by anon)

There are petitions being filed against Milwaukee’s Police Chief Ed Flynn to be fired. Four police officers from Milwaukee’s 5th district police station are facing charges for administering illegal strip searches. Two of those officers were also on the scene of the in-custody death of Derek Williams, which originally was said to have been related to Mr. Williams having sickle cell. The cause of death was later changed to a homicide. I don’t think that Police Chief Ed Flynn is responsible for the misconduct of a few officers. These officers were sworn in to protect and serve and because they did not live up to the oath that they swore to does not make it Chief Ed Flynn’s fault. It’s like when you raise your children. You can give them everything they need to make it in life, but once they become adults it is their decision on how they want their lives to be, even though you pointed them on the right path. If they choose the life of a criminal, do you lock the parents up with their child for the choices the child made as an adult? No, we do not, so why should we be forcing a resignation from the chief of Milwaukee? These are grown men that he has trained. He made well of the policies, procedures, rules and regulations for being productive officers of the law. What they chose to do with their training is solely on them and they should be held accountable for their actions not Chief Ed Flynn.


  1. Because he is the Chief of Police!!!!! Its as simple as that. The team is losing, fire the coach. The university has a major scandal, fire the president as in the Sandusky case. The company is losing money, fire the CEO like Apple did to Steve Jobs (they later hired him back). You are not learning in your class, fire the prof if you can. Like it or not this is the American way. We tried to fire Obama!!!!

  2. Your are fired!

    "Donald Trump"

  3. I'm a bit of an exception to the norm as far as my political views. It is common practice in situations like this to fire the figurehead. The entire reason we have a president is to act as a figurehead, although he has power, ultimately that power serves to displace blame from the multitudes to him. In the case of the police chief, he is responsible for every single person under his command, there is no argument here. Plain and simple he is responsible, and if the powers that be end his career based on his officers' performance, no wrong will have been done.
    Free Willy