Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America lost last night! (by Pissed!)

REALLY??!?!  Obama again??  Obama for another four years??  Are people blind to the fiscal cliff that is looming?  Are people blind to the backwards policies of Obamaconomics and Obamacare?

We’re still in a recession people!  We’re going to stay in one for a long time too because Obama doesn’t know how to reign in his spending and he doesn’t know the first thing about how to run an economy.  You don’t spend what you don’t have (consumer economics 101) and you give plenty of incentives and tax loopholes to the job creators (economics 101).  If you people want to get jobs when we get out of college, you should have voted for Romney.  12 million more jobs was the projection!!!  Way to screw that up.

Romney is strong and decisive.  Obama is weak and panders to the weak.  For America to move “Forward!” we need someone who can make the tough decisions and know how to do what needs to be done to jump start our economy.  Romney had a vision of strength and resolve.  Obama has no vision but to smile a lot and talk pretty.

America lost last night because America apparently isn’t ready for greatness.  It isn’t ready to return to the glory we once enjoyed.  To all you Obama supporters, I hope you’re happy.  You damned us all.  And when the ceiling comes crashing in, you better take responsibiliy because I’m sure not.

~ Pissed!


  1. You know, it shouldn't matter who won. if Romney, or Obama did, we should be respectful, and do the best we can to steer the country in the right direction. We shouldn't see this as a victory for democrats, or a loss for republicans. We should see this as another chance to collaborate to make this country a good place. remember, Obama cannot pass laws if everyone disagrees with it. So, man up, and remain active. Just cuz Romney lost, it does not mean that the country lost as well.

  2. Looks like someone is a sore loser. Best to just deal with it. Some people were mad at eight years of Bush but guess what, the world moved forward and survived. It's going to survive this too. Just move on with you life and keep living.

    Prof Chaos.

  3. Stop being so juvenile. Romney had a much change to win the election as Obama. He just got beat. America made its decision. You voted and your candidate lost, so get over it and support our president because if he goes down then we all go down. There is one president and whether you like it or not he is your president too. Thats what it means to live in a democracy.

    1. Your irony kills me! You want me to stop being so juvenile while you patronize me. Look in the mirror lately?

    2. @4:56 -
      Do you even know what the words "juvenile", "patronize", and "irony" mean? The qualities of being "juvenile" and "patronizing" do not usually imply one another, and in most cases, I'd say they actually negate each other. I think it is more typical for a non-juvenile person to patronize a juvenile person. Thus, if anon 2:08 is patronizing you and has called you juvenile, how is that ironic? It would really be ironic if 2:08 said you were being juvenile, then proceeded to call you a "booger-eater" or something. Irony generally involves a contradiction, something opposite of what you'd expect. So my question is, how is it ironic for someone to call you juvenile and then proceed to patronize you?


      PS Perhaps you want to check a dictionary this time before responding.


  4. i'm voting for Obama as he has three vowels in his name. What is even more impressive is he has a vowel followed by a consonant followed by a vowel followed by a consonant followed by another vowel. Romney's phonetical makeup is a little bit more confusing so I did not vote for him!

  5. Can you explain to me exactly what Romney's plan was? And no, I don't want to hear that he is "strong and decisive". That has very little to do with the actual logistics of his economic plan.
    Do you honestly expect that Romney would have been able to actually follow your simple "consumer economics 101" rule given that the country is already in an ass-load of debt and has been for many years, even before Obama's presidency?
    Also, I'm pretty sure Romney said he would close the tax loopholes for millionaires (i.e., capitalists, job creators).
    And, what kind of jobs was Romney going to create?

    Overall, the guy is not concerned nearly as much for human rights or humanity as he is for money, and I hope America will learn that a successful nation need not be the richest or most glorious. Romney has been rich his entire life, he has no idea what it is like for people who are in the lower and lower-middle classes, the people he has coined the "47%". I believe the biggest indication of a successful country is really the overall welfare of its citizens. Sadly, our body of government seems to care more about what is happening to people in the middle east than what is happening to people here in America, and the people who have control in this country (those who own the largest corporations) are more concerned about gaining personal wealth than enriching society as a whole.


  6. No.
    Here is what's up - here's one of the main, crucial differences between the reps and the dems when it comes the plan to fix the economy.
    The democrats, including Obama, and over 60% of the American public as a matter of fact, want to unload the nation's debt by having the wealthiest Americans pay more on their taxes, while giving a tax break, or at least not raising any extra taxes, on the Americans who make less than $250,000/year. Obama has explicitly said he does not want to increase taxes on American citizens who are already having financial troubles. The republicans on the other hand, have threatened American workers by saying if taxes are raised on the wealthiest Americans, the "job creators", then we're going to see massive losses in jobs.
    What REALLY pisses me off is that there are very wealthy people in this country who, together, have the means to put a significant dent in paying off the country's debt, but all they give a shit about is protecting their personal interests, so if they have to pay more taxes (which are already pretty low - Romney himself paid only about %15 out of his salary of nearly 15 million), they would rather protect their own personal salaries (which are most likely a LOT more than the median salary in America which is around $50,000) than help the country as a whole. It is absolutely selfish. Not only do these "job creators" DEPEND on the society they're crushing by caring more about their own personal wealth, they take advantage of the society, and make THREATS to the American middle class workers by basically saying, "if YOU GUYS want US to pay more in taxes, then WE'RE going to cut YOUR jobs and that is only going to make YOU suffer". It's fucking disgusting that these super wealthy, old white male crooks have the American people by the balls, and what's worse is that half the country probably doesn't even realize it, or just doesn't want to admit it.