Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Whitewater is NOT boring (by anon)

Many people complain that the city of Whitewater is the most boring place on Earth.  UWW has a student organization called Student Entertainment Association League (SEAL) and they try as much as they can to provide events for students to participate in on the weekends, but students still decide to complain about having nothing fun to do.  Take for instance, this guy: http://criticallypissed.blogspot.com/2012/01/whitewater-and-its-people-suck-by-anon.html.  I know that everyone has their own definition of “fun,” but no matter where people live there are bound to be complaints about having nothing fun to do.  It goes with the territory of have a place become really familiar.  But Whitewater has plenty of activities to occupy someone’s time like going to the movie theater, or bowling, or playing billiards.  If that isn’t good enough then this is the time to get creative with friends on what to do as a fun activity.  You just have to figure it out and not blame someone else for your boredom.  Being bored has everything to do with your inner self, not what the outer world can or cannot offer you.


  1. When someone says Whitewater is boring, that statement is in comparison to other areas. Whatever there is in Whitewater you can find in every other city. If billiards is your idea of exciting then go to Madison, my friend!
    Basically: Whitewater is fun with friends buuuut it kinda still sucks... hard.

  2. "Whatever there is in Whitewater you can find in every other city".
    This statement cannot be true, and the only way it would even have a chance of being true is if it's coming from a perspective that is only capable of seeing the outer layers or the surface of things, rather than the actual substance beneath. There are many things about Whitewater (on the surface and below the surface) that I'm certain could not be found in EVERY other city. I lived in a city a bit east of WW for nearly 15 years, and there was no neat downtown, beautiful hiking area, or even sidewalks in most areas. I could list a lot of other things, but you get the point.