Friday, March 30, 2012

Embrace your Non-Infinite end! (by anon)

infinite - unbounded or unlimited; boundless; endless

"Everything that has a beginning has an end." -Oracle

This is a contradiction.  If "everything that has a beginning has an end" and infinite means to be unbounded or unlimited, then how can anything exist?  If something, even one thing, has no end then not everything that has a beginning has an end.  Everything we know of and can prove exists, therefore it must have a beginning and everything we know of has ended before.  If Infinity exists then wouldn't it have to have some end?  Logically speaking.  So the concept of Infinity is not useful.
The finite-infinite problem of the physical world.  To be finite is to have an end.  Everything that we can speak about and deal with is physical and thereby finite.  Words, numbers, items, ideas, etc., etc.  If everything is finite, including words, then how can we as constructs of the finite realm engage with or even mention the infinite realm.
To say there is no infinite is the same as to say there is nothing.  There is a finite and there must then be an infinite because everything has an opposite.  If there was no bad then there would be no good because bad is in relation to good.  If there is something physical then there must also be something that is non-physical.  So it would be wrong to say there is no infinite.  But we cannot interact or experience or do anything with the infinite, so should we even worry about what is infinite or seems as so?
Infinite often is referred to as a number or a phenomenon that is beyond something.  The famous Buzz Lightyear line, “To infinity and beyond!” illustrates this absolutely beautifully.  This shows that people have a future in which infinity is a part of.  Infinity is never a single moment and is never right now because right now is so precise that it would in someway bind infinity to a specific time.  The past has already happened and therefore it has a boundry, thus not infinite.  So infinity must refer to the future right?
The future has no bounds it doesn't even exist.  It can't because the future is that which has not happened.  If something has not happened, then how can you say infinity is a part of future?  Well, if infinity does not logically fit in a physical realm and it must surely exist then it has to be part of the non-physical realm.
What can be said is that there is an infinite and finite.  We are finite, that is we will inevitably end.  Finite objects and beings cannot interact with the infinite.  So to try to interact with the infinite would be pointless.  Only a foolish man would play with such an idea.  So there is an end, sometime, but it is not predictable at all because it operates from the constructs of an infinite realm and not our finite realm.  So anything that is infinite simply put should be disregarded and ignored for people who are living in the physical world and want to survive.  Who want to be awake and aware of what we can actually control.
So STOP with your life-after-death fantasies, STOP with your all-powerful or all-anything ideas, STOP dreaming of what you have no idea of, STOP thinking there is a future because there isn't, STOP wasting your time on things that do not matter.  WAKE UP!  Realize you will end and live life with this knowledge.  Do not fear the end, embrace it and make the end be your persuasion to do whatever the hell you want!

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  1. If I can attempt to reconstruct one of your main arguments here...
    (1)Everything we know of and can prove exists
    (2)Everything must have a beginning
    (3)Everything we know of has ended before.
    (4)If Infinity exists then it would have to have some end.
    (5)Infinity cannot exist (it's a contradiction)

    There's a few problems I see in this argument. I don't understand how (2) follows from (1). We can prove the universe exists, but does it necessarily mean that the universe had to have a beginning? The big bang theory is just a theory - and given that, it doesn't fully explain how everything came from nothing, which seems to imply that we don't really understand how the universe began, or if it ever really did begin (on Earth, it is easy to say everything we know of exists and has a beginning, but on a larger scale, this idea just doesn't seem to make sense). Also, (3) is hard to grasp because there are a lot of things that we know of that have never come to an end. Like the universe again. In (4) (and pretty much all throughout this post), you give a thing-like quality to the idea of infinity, which is really all that you base your argument on - the understanding that infinity is actually some kind of thing that could exist or not exist, instead of being just an abstract concept we made up (in which case, to speak of its true existence would be meaningless).

    So, needless to say, this post didn't make much sense at all and I find it pretty meaningless to blab on about infinity and whether or not it could be real, when it is clear from your last paragraph that you really are just trying to persuade us to think a certain way about life in general - to stop believing in certain things. Well, I think you'll have to come up with a better argument than what you have given in order to do that. (And by the way, that "everything must have an opposite" argument is pretty passe, particularly when you think about language and how it "tricks" us into thinking such nonsense).

    All in all - I like the idea of infinity. Not as it might pertain to me as a being living on forever, but as it might pertain to the entirety of life and the existence of the universe and such. Nietzsche believed that every single event and combination of events in the universe would occur infinite times over, and even this very moment, has occurred infinite times and will continue to do so. And I find that fascinating.