Friday, March 23, 2012

What a waste of money! (by anon)

Many of us students here at Whitewater have all been on Desire2Learn (D2L) for one reason or another. One thing that has pissed me off recently is the fact that not a lot of professors actually use the site for it's intended purpose. Even if they do use it, chances are they only use the "Content" tab.

I get seriously PISSED off when I log into D2L and I see that the "Grades" tab is completely empty. The professor uses his/her own grade book to maintain and monitor grades but how does that help YOU as the STUDENT monitor your progress in the class? It doesn't. A virtual class room such as D2L makes grading easier for the student to monitor their progress and it also helps them dispute grades when they notice that they got an F on a paper, but on the copy handed back to them it says A.

Why don't professors use D2L? One comment I heard was that "D2L is hard to use." Do you know my response? That's too damn bad that it's confusing. You're a PROFESSOR at a UNIVERSITY. You'll sit in a lecture and tell me how you know EVERYTHING there is to know about anything and everything, but you can't learn how to use a virtual classroom? I hate to say it, but if that's your excuse, you need to quit your day job.

I know that I am bitching to a small crowd but let me explain this a bit further. I took a few classes now that didn't allow me to see my progress as I went on. The first time I saw my grade was when I got it on WINs and the grade was final and submitted to the Registrars office. Do you think it's fair that you pay as much as you do to come here and then never see the progress of how you're doing in the class?

Last year, an organization that I was in spent roughly $2000.00 to add a BUTTON to a website owned and operated by the University. That is ONE single button. Now, imagine how much an entire virtual classroom costs, it's probably a lot of money, why aren't professors using it to its fullest extent?


  1. Students used to have to wait three weeks for their grades to be mailed to them. Now you can obtain your grades via WINS one day after they have been posted and that is pretty fast. The final grades tells you nothing about your overall progress in the class, as the game is over. To monitor your progress during the semester just use the syllabus and your class assignments. If there are issues, then take them up with your prof but you already know this!

    Prof Chaos

    1. Learn it and stop making excuses.