Wednesday, March 7, 2012

This cancer awareness stuff makes me sick (by anon)

I’m sick of it.  All of this cancer awareness stuff is going to be the death of me, I swear.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I think that there should be plenty of money donated to finding a cure for cancer, but all of this pink, blue, green, whatever ribbon stuff needs to stop.  All I hear is “omg don8 fer breast canzers,” and it makes me want to kick a kitten.  How good am I supposed to feel knowing that I may be donating to breast cancer research, when there are 100’s of other cancers out there that are just as deserving of that money as the breast cancer research is.

You sure as hell don’t see anyone asking for money to research a cure for Lung Cancer.  Why is that? It’s clear to me that the average population thinks that whoever has lung cancer did it to themselves, or in some way can be blamed on smoking.  Brain Check: My mother died of Lung Cancer, never smoked a day in her life, and never was around any more second hand smoke than the average human being.  Are you going to tell me that just because a cigarette causes most of the lung cancer cases in the world, my mother shouldn’t be able to get the respect she deserves?  Trust me, she didn’t get that respect more times than not.

So instead of donating your time and money to a specific cancer, I urge you all to donate to cancer research in general.  You can get more information from the American Cancer Society at <><>.


  1. While I sympathize with you in a way, I think instead of so much focus on cancer cure, I say we look at cancer prevention more seriously, and get people informed on all of the ways we know of to help prevent cancer (and of course crack down on companies whose products are shown to contain agents that likely cause cancer, but that's another battle...).
    Ideally, we should be aware of what's in our food and everyday household products, and probably more things we don't even know about yet, all of which research has shown may be contributing as a cause of cancer. However, given the magnitude of products we're constantly exposed to and how difficult, and in some cases impossible, it is to avoid using products that contain chemicals that may be linked to cancer, obtaining and spreading this awareness is probably easier said than done. It's a shame we have to be exposed to so much harmful shit in our food, beverages, food containers/utensils/cookware, soaps, shampoos, deodorant, household cleaners, bug spray, the list goes on... and it seems new dangers are being produced and uncovered every day.
    What can one say but...what a great place to live...where sacrificing public health for the sake of capital gain is commonplace.

    1. Thanks for making me paranoid that everything I use could be giving me cancer. lol.

  2. Silly post. Donate to any cancer research period. Its all good.