Sunday, October 2, 2011

What's happening on Wall Street? Who's occupying what and why? (by anon)

If you have not been following the developments on Wall St., you need to check it out.  Even the NY Times has begun to acknowledge it.  700 protesters were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge, Saturday, October 1, and the protests have already spread to San Francisco and Chicago.  Occupy Wisconsin is planning an event for October 15 in conjunction with protests all over the country on the same day or in the next few weeks.  Some are scheduled for October 7, ten years after the start of the war in Afghanistan.  Ten Years.

What's happening?  Are we breaking away from the mesmerizing spectacle at the back of the cave and beginning to wake up?  Is this a popular uprising that can be sustained?  (Was it inspired by the citizens of Wisconsin who rose up last year?  The Arab Spring?  What should we in Wisconsin, we at UWW, we who value critical engagement (or we wouldn't be reading this blog), what should we be doing?  What about jobs, classes, lives?  What is a person of conscience to do?  Okay, I have thrown out enough questions.  (Pick one!) I look forward to the answers.


  1. uh what is your view on this? are you goint to wall street?

  2. Come on Willis, lets not take these progressive ideas too far and forget where you are located.

    Let me remind you.

    Whitewater is an ultra conservative and a very white campus located in an ultra conservative and also a very white city.

    Most students on this campus have the political IQ of a baby. So don't hold your breath.

  3. We are anonymous. In the coming weeks, we plan to occupy Madison, Milwaukee, Janesville, and Whitewater. Get off your asses and join with us.

  4. What's wrong with you 3:09!?!?!
    You and I both know damn well that there are PLENTY of students at UW-Whitewater that will engage in these kinds of protests, because they know what's at stake!
    And for the ones who don't know, it's up to you and I to let them know!
    We're the ones in college, and we don't want to just end up in massive debt while we wait for a temp agency to find us jobs that we never wanted in the first place, but HAVE to take because we have no other options.... we want freedom and democracy! We want our government to give back what it has been taking from us for so long! We're sick of this bullshit fascist regime that is in disguise.

    Oh yeah, there are a lot of students out there who are sick of this country's shit, and for you to act as though these students don't exist, that's just plain naive, because we're out there! And we're sick of nasty, greedy, selfish, and shady corporate big wigs running our country, spending our money, shitting on education, healthcare and our environment, running our media, deceiving us, stealing from us, and in short, fucking us over! This is it. THIS IS IT, and your ass better be out protesting!