Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's time for a REVOLUTION! (by anon)

Democrats just kick the can down the road and have people deal with it later. Republicans want to burn the place to the ground and pray that God will do it all.

The math is that this country is being extracted through the corruption of the banking system. That's a mathematical fact. I don't want a plan that will start to help the economy in 2017 and screw me and my kids over in the end. And I certainly don't want the government removing every educational support fund to pay for our debt. Both parties over the past 20 years have created this ridiculous economic situation we're seeing right now.

I hate seeing our president trying to be the bigger man attempting to work with congress, I want the president to admit: WE'RE BEING RUN BY A BOUGHT CONGRESS. It is incapable of making an beneficial decision on banking, trade, healthcare, or taxes as long as corporations have the capacity to basically fire a politician by taking away political funding. Our active congress is corruption at it's worst. Yet no politician is grown up enough to man up and do what's moral for the majority and publicly announce how the very people we chose to be in power in our Republic is composed of only self-interested bigots who are prolonging the very corruption they set out to abolish when they first dreamed of being a politician as teenagers. No one is all good or all bad- only self interested; and when it gets to the point where you screw over not only one friend, but an entire nation of over 300 million people is when you are a force truly evil.

Let's also make one thing clear: we apply a democratic concept, but we are no democracy! This is a Republic. We elect officials to represent us and choose for the public, you have no say in what they will do once they're in office. Once they are running for a position, they've got someone with millions of dollars at their disposal to ensure their political victory in exchange for a few favors.

It's sickening to me when I hear everyday-people argue over who has the best economic/political concepts whether its the Democrats' idea, Republicans' idea, Tea party's idea, Libertarians' idea, or your idea sitting at home; while there is no reasonably possible progress we can make in this country while the majority has no say in the matter. The maturity of the masses depends on its ability to recognize its own interests.
Take the money out of politics. That is our demand.

We are the 99% and together we are too big to fail.


  1. This is the name of the game and unless you are ready to march on Washington then you play the game. Money will never be taken out of politics, its always been there and as long as we live in a capitalist economic system it will remain. Rich people and their representatives have ran the country since its founding. FDR was a New York rich blood blue. There have been relatively poor presidents that are elected with massive support of rich corporations and banks. Obama is no different. He serves the interests of the oligarchs. He would not be sitting in office if he didn't. Regarding the masses and maturity, look around you. Most of the people in the US still believe in a fat white man with a beard who sits in the sky and watches everything they do.

  2. Don't worry, Jesus is going to retun soon and evil people are going to burn. He will burn them all and establish his kingdom. There is still time for you to get on the right side and avoid the fire. The rapture is right around the corner, so get right and survive with us. My pastor told me yesterday that I could bring my dog along with me. Jesus is coming and he is not playing any games. People will burn.

  3. Brothers and sisters,

    Do not let the wicked ways of the Western world distract you and lead you astray. Allah is the one true God and he has shown us the way. Join with us and part with the ways of the infidels. The world of the Great Satan is already declining. All praise due to Allah. America will be straighten out when Sharia law is implemented.

    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahnatullahi barakatuh (Preach be unto you and so may the mercy of Allah and all his blessings)

  4. You can not take money out of politics.

    The total US debt is 14.3 trillion dollars, of which about 4 trillion is owed to foreign countries. Japan, China and the Brits are the three largest debt holders with Opec and the Caribbean holding up the rear. This deficit continues to increase because the US spends more than it collects and thus has to finance the difference.

    So the politics in the US, from FDR to Obama, has centered around budgetary issues. The deficit is different from the debt. The deficit is the amount the US takes in versus the amount it spends, the difference is the deficit, about 1 trillion or so.

    There is a part of the national budget called discretionary and since FDR it has expanded to cover such items as education, highway construction, NASA, etc. Given that a huge chunk of the budget is mandatory spending (social security, medicare, etc) the only real cuts have been in discretionary spending.

    The GOP knows that the deficit cannot be closed either by reducing discretionary spending significantly as it is only about 6 percent of GDP, and its a political mine field to go after mandatory spending. Social security is funded out of the payroll taxes and has had a surplus.

    So the only option is more taxes on everyone, even taxes exclusively on the rich will not solve US budgetary woes. These problems have been in the making for a long time, since Bretton Woods and the end of gold standard. Actually, several democratic presidents contributed to them, namely Carter, LBJ, and Clinton.

    The success of the Reagan revolution was the implementation of a new ideology of privatization and a halt to the rise of discretionary spending. He, like every other president that followed him, did nothing to reduce mandatory spending but capital gains taxes decline significantly under his administration, as the ideology of trickle down was implemented. So unless this ideology can be changed, America will continue to drift.

    America is the only nation in the world allowed to violate international financial rules because it operates as the international cop of the empire and England is the banker of the empire. Notice, the western nations collectively took out Gadalfi and capped his ass. So after putting their puppets in place, they will move in to privatize all of the industries, especially oil, and suck the nation dry, like they did in Iraq. Ok, I am going on a long rant here about US power.

    In short, money rules the world. There are 7 billion people living in the world today and 2 percent of them owned 50 percent of the resources so the struggle will be between the haves and the have nots, as it has always been since time immemorial.


  6. Yes, thanks for the recommendation. I liked the movie.

  7. Zeitgeist is a load of unsupported conspiracy theories... The original post has it right on. But, for the love of god... Stay away from Zeitgeist and get some real facts, please — you're giving all us revolutionaries a bad name.