Monday, April 18, 2011

Wisconsin signs are out of control (by F.I.B.)

Critically Pissed,
    I may seem crazy criticizing such a simple thing but I have a hate for the street signs in the state of Wisconsin. I am from Illinois and when I came here I noticed there were ALOT of street signs, road markings, and lights. If you havent been out of state, you probably dont notice. The problem lies within the fact that WI in the winter had a hard time icing and plowing their roads, yet they have money for these outlandish and unnecessary signs. At one intersection on the way to Janesville, there are 3 round-abouts, arrows on the road, yield signs, stop signs, one way signs, dont enter signs, speed limit signs, slow down signs, Pedestrian crossing signs! (mind you there is no buildings around these turnabouts, complete farm land) and arrow signs to top this intersection off. I'm sure there are even more I forgot to list. At some select intersections you can find over twenty road markings! Then the changing street lights from green yellow red, to stop and go, to just yellow. The mass majority of markings doesnt help, sometimes it actually confuses me. Is it really necessary to put arrows on the road saying straight or right only, I wouldnt be in that lane if I was going left would I?? No. If you miss one turn, Bob forbid the signs dont help you, you have to travel several blocks just to turn around. The Olive Garden in Janesville is  a perfect example if you miss the turn. Driving in WI has proven to be harder for me to drive in than IL. Hard to believe right? On your next drive, you should take note of how many signs you encounter.

-From a F.I.B.

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  1. LOL, this is a wonderful and stimulating topic. I got an immediate cure for the road sign blues. I use it all the time, get a GPS.