Sunday, April 10, 2011

Campus parking sucks (by anon)

I would just like to start off by saying that campus and even city parking for that matter, is a money trap. I am a junior here at UWW and I am so sick of the parking setup around here. As we all know, especially if you live in a big city, there is never enough parking. That is the same case here on campus. Between the kids in the dorms, commuters, staff, faculty, visitors, visitors of visitors, whatever, you have to strategically play cat and mouse type games and/or musical chairs with other people to somehow score a spot. Now this is bad enough without having these traitorous kids riding around in gators nailing unsuspecting people left and right like its the school magazine drive or something! Every time I see them I have this urge to run over and tip cart over on them. Now last year the ticket price was $10.00 but for some reason this year it has been raised to $15.00. Why? This is outrageous, given the fact that we as students are already being cleaned out by the University and the various expenses that go along with it. Now, we are not only getting hassled about parking and tearing out our hair to find a damn spot, there are money grubbing vultures waiting for you to slip up even for a minute. Is it really wise to piss off and take advantage of already poor college students who are giving you thousands upon thousands of dollars already. I personally have two tickets sitting on my desk staring me in the face even as i write this. I don't know about you but I do not have $30 dollars just hanging out in my drawer waiting to be spent, and even if I did, I would be used on food, shampoo, tooth paste, and other essentials. I don't even own the car anymore that I got the tickets on but i never have the money to pay them so there they sit. I am not happy with the situation at all.


  1. Oh,I feel so sorry for you, that you cannot locate a decent parking spot right next to your classes and now you may have to (oh fuck) walk. I am very much like you. I hate to walk. I even drive my car from the garage to the mail box.

    All joking aside, perhaps I can offer you few tips. I drive to campus and I am able to locate a decent parking spot close campus but I arrive around 6:30 AM. Try arriving on campus earlier and I guarantee you that your parking woes will be over. Next, do a little yoga stretching and get used to walking more, it is good for your health and who knows, you might meet some hotties or guys (depending on your orientation) as you walk to your classes, so plug in the ear plugs to the IPOD and get to stepping. We may even cross paths!

    I wonder what you would do if you attended Madison or any other large campus where you have to walk relatively far to get to your classes.

  2. I can sympathize a little bit with you here, but overall I think you're being a little over dramatic. I do think the parking situation kinda sucks in a way, but not really for the same reasons you've stated. I agree with ANON 8:50, you either get there early enough to get a good spot, or you take a spot that's far away and you just have to walk a couple extra minutes. What I don't like is that I see in most of the lots a crap load of meter spots that are open, close to every building, while there's virtually no open regular spots anywhere near the buildings. I'm not saying there should be NO meter spots, I'm just saying there should be less, so there's more regular spots open to those of us who already pay for the parking passes.

  3. Nice point! But even the metered parking is not bad. You can park 4 hours for a buck. Thats like a drum with a hole in it, you can't beat it. Look at it from another perspective. This is not a very rich campus, actually quite poor, and the repairs on parking lots, streets, as well as flowers for your enjoyment come from the parking funds. This is no different from cities using funds from tickets to pay for services or libraries using late fees. Again, put on those dancing shoes and dance on down the road.

  4. I agree, walking shouldn't be the issue and parking probably sucks at every college. As a commuter, it does get a little frustrating (Where can you park 4 hours for a buck, by the way?). if you get there after 10 most of the spots are gone and the $15 tickets definitely add up if you miss the meter. Not to mention, we live in WI and it gets pretty damn cold. All part of the college experience I guess.