Friday, April 29, 2011

THIS JUST IN! Donald Trump’s Campaign Slogan is: “I’ve got a big dick!” (by anon)

Ok, not really.  But believable, right??  With all his hyper-self-promoting-pandering-to-the-masses ramblings, nothing is off the table.  Here are some other possible campaign slogans that wouldn’t surprise me:

“Me Me Me”
“I’m white and damn proud of it!”
“Let me show you my money”
“I’m hired!”

[Full disclosure: I’m feeling absolutely sick to my stomach writing a post about Donald Trump and a possible presidential run. <shit, I just threw up a little>]

I’m absolutely baffled as to why ANYONE takes this buffoon seriously.  Here are some recent highlights of his idiocy:

a. He promises to use swear words when negotiating with foreign countries.
b. He’ll serve McDonald’s at some state dinners for those countries he feels are being unfair to the US.
c. He takes full, unabashed credit for Obama producing his long-form birth certificate (even when his short-form birth certificate has been available for three years and that’s all most of us have anyway).  He’s “very proud” of himself.  And he does this right in front of his personal helicopter with his name plastered all over it in huge letters.
d. He championed birtherism (and he still wants to inspect the long-form to make sure it is legit).
e. He is hot after getting Obama’s college transcripts because he thinks Obama is hiding something there.  He’s suspicious about Obama’s admissions to Columbia and Harvard.
f. He follows Palin’s lead in going after any media person who says something bad about him.
g. He calls all our nation’s leaders “stupid.”
h. He claims that his renting and selling properties counts for more than enough foreign policy experience.

Points d and e are just covert ways of being racist.  Bob Schieffer of CBS’ Face the Nation said that Trump’s suspicion over Obama getting into Columbia University is “just code for saying he got into law school because he’s black.  This is an ugly strain of racism that’s running through this whole thing.”  Right on Bob!!  Call it like it is.

But why does this racist goof get any traction!  Is our nation that racist?  I guess so.  Is our nation that stupid to pay attention to this crap?  Sure is.  Is our nation that fascinated by pontificating, immature egomaniacs?  Of course it is!  Remember Charlie Sheen!?  There was a media blitz around his own on-air self-destruction.  BUT everyone saw Sheen as precisely what he is – an egomaniac with extreme delusions about himself.  So why does Trump get traction where Sheen just slides out of the spotlight??

Let me repeat for the sake of emphasis.  Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen are practically the same person.  But Sheen was ridiculed and rightly so.  Why isn’t Trump?  Is it because of his racism?  Is it that Trump packages himself together just a little bit better than Sheen?  Is it because Trump links himself with a possible presidential run and the other Republican hopefuls are pathetic?  Granted, many many people do not take Trump seriously and they do lump him into the same category as Sheen.  But there are many many others who really do esteem Trump and think that he would be a great president! <oh god, I threw up a little again>  Some lady at Trump’s last speaking engagement shouted, “Run for president!” and Trump responded, “I think I am going to make you very happy on that.”  How is it even possible that this is even a serious possibility???

Donald Trump embodies almost everything wrong with this country.  He’s an arrogant, capitalist, white, egotistic, ignorant, racist, rich man-whore who makes his living off of financially screwing other people.  The more this guy gets into the spotlight as someone we should care about listening to, the more we should be slapped in the face.  Someone should slap me now for even writing a post about him.

“I’ve got a big dick!”  It would not surprise me one bit if he ran on that.  Hell, I bet he’d even make Charlie Sheen his VP. <oops, there went the rest of lunch>


  1. I will support the presidency of the Donald and Sheen as Vice President. Can they be any worse that Bush and Cheney or Obama and Biden? Barry Sotero (Obama's real name) needs to come clean about his place of birth, and not release a doctored fake birth certificate. Obama is a huge disappointment. He conned us. So go get him Donald. Damn warmonger!

    He was raised in Indonesia as a Muslim by his step father, an Indonesian man, and he was born, not in Hawaii but in Kenya. Besides, why is he considered as an African American in the first place. Talk to me!

  2. I am embarrassed that Trump gets so much media attention. Shame on the media for making his birtherism more of an issue. If they didn't cover it, it might just go away.

  3. In Trump's defense......Why the hell wouldn't you use swear words when negotiating with countries like China and organizations like OPEC. We've been made a mockery by them and it’s time we take control and demand better prices and policies while we still have that negotiation power before it’s gone. Why would we treat these people to a five star dinner when they are screwing us over and laughing at us behind our backs all while we rebuild their economy? I think a McDouble and a side of fires would fit best.
    Trump should be proud that Obama finally released his Long form birth certificate. Because of him our president finally proved that he was born in the United States which to me is pretty damn important! And although Obama already gave his short form certificate, there is an important difference of that from an actual Certificate of Live Birth aka “long form”. But Trump MUST be racist to question our black president’s eligibility and request his real birth certificate, college transcripts and even passport records. Put aside that Obama has a very questionable history, put aside that he is our most mysterious president ever and put aside the fact that he has spent millions of tax payers’ dollars to keep these records hidden. With all that aside I’ll give Obama the benefit of the doubt and take his words of why he finally released the birth certificate; “because we do not have time for this kind of silliness” which is funny because right after that he was able to fly across the country to make an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. But for a man who is claimed to be so smart, why the hell would he even allow this “silliness” to happen in the first place by spending years covering it up. Who knows, maybe it’s actually because he has something to hide. But don’t play the damn racist card! When I apply for a job I am required to show my social security card and birth certificate. Shouldn’t we be able to see our president’s? Yeah, but Obama’s black, that makes it racist. NO! That just makes you and everyone who claims its racism an idiot! Was it racist to look into Ronald Reagan’s background? What about George W Bush’s or John McCain’s being accused of born in Panama? That can’t be racist because they’re white. (PS: it’s possible to be racist against white people)
    Also Trump claiming his renting and selling of properties counts for more than enough foreign policy experience may be a little bit of a stretch, but compared to who, Obama? HA! In 2004 Obama claimed he was “too inexperienced” to run for president and that he is a believer in “knowing what you’re doing when applying for a job”. I guess 2 years in the U.S. Senate was enough experience for his comfort. Concerning Foreign policy Trump is involved with the richest business leaders throughout the world making daily multimillion dollar decisions. The matter of the fact is that the next presidential term will be the most important election ever. I prefer an experienced businessman who can actually CHANGE things in the economy, improve our currency and lower gas prices permanently versus another bullshit politician who manipulates and lies. Obama has no balls, I will admit that he is one hell of a public speaker, but I don’t want someone who has no balls running my country. I want them to have a big dick!

  4. Lots of good points Eric. Trumps still a dick too, big or little. Just as self serving as most of the DC or Hollywood shmucks. It is time for him to back off and let serious contenders get their ideas out. But it has been entertaining.


  5. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Hey to the idiot who says incorrect things about our President. Read the book Dreams of my Father. If you can read.