Friday, April 8, 2011

Government shutdown because of...GODDAMN RELIGION (by anon)

No shitting around it.  The hold up between an accepted deal between Democrats and Republicans to avert a government shutdown tonight is some funding for Planned Parenthood - that's it!  That's the stickler.  Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood.  Democrats do not.  The reason Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood is because they are against abortion.  Why are they against abortion?  Well, they believe that the Bible says somewhere that abortion is wrong.  Thus, God is against abortion.  And it is as simple as that.  Our gov't will shut down tonight because some people in power have a particular interpretation of the Bible.  Religion really sucks.

Whoever thinks our country holds a separation between church and state is smoking some pretty strong stuff.


  1. We always get into trouble when we used general statements. First, the debate in DC cannot be reduced to an abortion issue. The GOP is trying to position itself for 2012 and one sure way is to stick it to Obama and the Dems. This is not the first time the govt has shut down. Newt and the GOP stuck it to Clinton. In short, the issues are more complex than a philosophical dispute over abortion. This issue is a smoke screen. Dig deeper! Religion is not the problem.

  2. Oh come on. Of course the debate cannot be reduced to this one issue. I was just calling attention to the fact that that issue was the sticking point right now. The Republicans are willing for the government to be shut down because of that issue when the Democrats have already done quite a bit of compromising. My god, if I was that simplistic I probably wouldn't even care about politics in the first place.

  3. Here is what you wrote, "the hold up between an accepted deal between Dems and Rep to avert a government shut down tonite is SOME FUNDING for Planned Parenthood - THATS IT" By the way, the deal on the budget has been made and the funding of Planned Parenthood was not the issue, it will go to the entire Senate and the effort to de-fund it will go down in smoke. Your post would have been more accurate had you used the words "It appears or one of the issues..." But you go on to say that the govt will shut down tonight BECAUSE some people... ending with Religion really sucks. I do not want to rub it in, just to caution you on the use of words. Your readers will read it as you write it. They cannot read your mind. Always avoid making definite statements or using generalizations, they leave you no wiggle room for back tracking or making revisions. They will absolutely kill you in a court of law.