Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Christians cannot be Republicans (by SuSieQ)

Dear Critically Pissed,

I am a Christian and have been since I was little.  I’m baptist.  I have read my bible and I know the stories and teachings.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many Christians are Republicans.  It makes no sense.  I actually think that if you are a Republican, then you cannot be a Christian.  It’s like mixing oil and water.  No matter how many times you shake it up, they do not go together.

Jesus was perfect in every way.  That’s what the bible says.  What did he do?  He spent all of his time with the poor and needy and sinful.  He wanted to help them in everything they do.  He sat down with them.  He gave them food.  He gave them drink.  He even healed some of them.  He loved them unconditionally.  And they loved him back.  Jesus couldn’t stand the rich and powerful.  He fought against the Pharisess and drove out the money-people from the temple.  Jesus was all about uplifting the meek “for they shall inherit the earth.”

Republicans believe that there should be more tax cuts to the rich.  Paul Ryan believes that our “Path to Prosperity” means increasing the healthcare costs of the elderly and poor, while giving more tax breaks to the wealthy.  Republicans fight to decrease regulations everywhere so that big corporations and Wall Street can thrive to new heights.  Republicans constantly want to cut social programs because “why should we have to pay for those people when they can’t help themselves!”  Republicans are so against abortion, but they give not a thought to the woman carrying the baby.  I have not heard one Republican ever propose funding to help single mothers.  How can Republicans think to make women carry out their pregnancies and then leave them to struggle to care for the baby?  Republicans are so against homosexual people that they want to pass special legislation to restrict them in marriage and the military.

If Jesus was a politician, he would help the poor and not the rich.  He would restrain big corporations from taking advantage of anyone.  He would make sure that everyone had good healthcare and that increasing costs wouldn’t be shouldered mostly by the elderly and poor.  He would want more social programs and make the existing ones better.  Jesus would think of the fetus and woman equally, and certainly he would make sure that single mothers were not left in the ditch.  Jesus would love homosexual people just as much as everyone else.  He would want them to be treated equally and fairly just like everyone else.

Democrats are no angels either, but Democrats care a lot more about what Jesus cared about than Republicans.

I am a Christian and so I am a Democrat.  It’s what Jesus would do.  If I became a Republican, I could no longer be a Christian.  Jesus would throw me out.



  1. I don't think Jesus would like this, lol.

    "House Republicans Paying Outside Counsel $500,000 To Uphold Defense Of Marriage Act"


  2. I kind of agree that Republicans and Christians do not really match....mostly because of the morals.... I mean, in principle, we see the big, greedy, over-powerful, money hungry corporate leader, big wig, politician, etc. to be ruthless, cruel, angry, and just plain "evil" (this is shown in movies and TV a lot). But, in reality, every person that could possibly fit this category in America is most likely going to say they are a Christian, and in fact, not evil at all. So, in practice, in this capitalistic society, it really is "good" to be greedy, power-thirsty, aggressive, dominant, controlling, etc. because that's what gets you material wealth, power, and political influence. But at the same time, these people will say they are Christians, yet they don't even follow the basic Judeo-Christian morality that we see in principle....moral practice in this nation is so far removed from moral principle it's not even funny... So, there is definitely something messed up here.

  3. I assume that Obama is your idea of a good Christian even after he has authorized the use of drones to blow people up and approves torture, as well as assassinations of American citizens. One more thing, Jesus is not what many of you think he is. Your understanding of Jesus comes from a translated book, the Bible, King James version. Except for a few books in the Bible, there is not any verifiable evidence iin the historical record that supports the physical existence of Jesus, and even if he did exist, he would have been a Jew fighting against Rome. Christianity was formed long after his death. By the way, if you pay Federal taxes, you are no better than the Republican you abhor so much. Your taxes are used to fund the the US war machine. In short, we are all guilty, not just the Republicans.

  4. Mostly agreed, but could you also imagine Jesus reciting the following political verse?

    Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree
    I’ve been tortured yes, but that won’t stop me
    The truth is still the truth and now it’s out for all to see.
    Forget about war,
    life’s worth so much more.

    If one imagines Jesus saying this (and I can) then he certainly wouldn't be contributing to Pres. Obama's re-election campaign until Guantanamo Camp and similar places are closed.

    What would a truly Christian, or I should say the politics of Jesus, be like today? This lyricized sentiment would be a starting point. Jesus might not recognize what passes for Christianity these days in American politics, but he would be more than leaning left.

  5. It is amazing how often the Republicans break the 9th commandment in regard to the President of the U.S.

  6. Republicans would far rather put the squeeze on poor little old ladies eating cat food than on rich mega-corporations to "balance the budget". Funny how there's still plenty of dough to fight two wars. Would Jesus starve people to fight wars? Would he cut off funding to programs which help the most vulnerable? Rich Republicans are NOT like the Jesus they monopolize! They teach the opposite of what He taught.

  7. In Matthew Chapter 26 Jesus's disciples indicate that they have a a habit of raising money so that they can give it to the poor.

    What does this all tell us so far?

    Well, obviously Jesus was very concerned about the welfare of the poor and the less fortunate. He encouraged those who wanted to be his followers to recognize their obligation to assist the poor and needy people in society. When the rich man in Matthew Chapter 29 refused to give money to the poor, Jesus indicated that his chances of getting into heaven were either slim or non-existent.

    However the most famous leaders of the Republican party take the opposite view. According to them, giving money or assistance to the poor is "socialism" or "communism". And even pointing out the disparity between the rich and poor is "class warfare".

    While liberals, Democrats and labor unions work hard to help the poor and the unfortunate, the Republicans and the Right-Wingers have worked hard to protect the wealthy and worked hard to keep the poor voiceless, powerless, exploited and unprotected.

    So, the Republicans do the OPPOSITE of what Jesus said to do, and yet the Republicans take credit for being the party of Jesus Christ and Christianity. How do they get away with that?

  8. I see it obvious why Republicans want to call themselves Christians. They get to have it both ways. They get to steal and plunder from the poor, grab all the riches for themselves and still get to claim their place in heaven for eternity. All they need do under the Christian doctrine is to say "Jesus please forgive me for whatever I may have done ...even though I don't really believe I have done anything wrong"
    Those are the rules! You only need to get Jesus to buy your bullshit and heaven awaits you with open arms! But pity the poor soul who has lived a life of compassion for others, yet overlooked acceptance of Jesus as his personal savior.
    Forget it! He's headed straight for hell! Is this Christian redemption stuff great or what?

  9. I always wonder why so many Republican people want me to vote anti-bible. Matthew 25:31-46 was the parable where Jesus said "Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me." The ones that took care of the needy were ushered into heaven and those that didn't were cast into hell. Why do the Republicans want me to vote to be cast into hell ?