Monday, January 31, 2011

A woman's rant about women (by anon)

Seriously, women get on about how gross men can be, how many disgusting habits men have, and how unfair men can be in general, when women can be just as bad. Living in a dorm is a nightmare because of the disgusting pigsty us college kids leave it in.

In the showers, girl’s leave their hair on the walls, on the floors, and even in the sink. Some girls even pee in the showers. It’s disgusting and unsanitary, and I can‘t believe I have to deal with it everyday. I’m not trying to diss the custodial staff, because I’m sure they clean it as best as they can, but when women pee on the toilet seat (something they yell at men for, mind you) it irritates me.

Women say men are sexist, when they are just as sexist in return. When a woman gets cut off on the highway, they instantly think a male cut them off. When a woman doesn’t get the promotion they wanted, they immediately believe a male was the one who got it instead of her.

I have lived with a sexist mother my whole life, and I see how blaming the opposite gender makes life easier, but it isn’t right. Women and men are, and should be seen as equal on both sides: they are equally as disgusting, equally as sexist, and equally as bad of drivers.


  1. Maybe it was the years and years of oppression that women have faced that is leading women these days to be overly annoying in their super-fem, anti-men positions.
    I mean.... finally we're in a time period where women don't have to keep diaries to talk about their feelings because they can be as open as they'd like about anything, and not face any consequences for the most part. The differences are fading away, as far as what's acceptable for a man to do, but traditionally not for a woman.
    So, now that women have finally reached a point of being considered equal to men in principle, although not in practice all of the time, women feel the urge to ridicule men for anything they can come up with, whether it's being dirtier, still having more perceived privileges, cutting people off in traffic, etc., whether the criticism is REALLY justified or not (however, I happen to think that women are actually worse drivers than men, for numerous reasons, so whenever I get cut off or encounter a bad driver, I automatically think it is a woman, never a man).
    To me, it's like women are just overcompensating for their lack of voice, valued opinion, respect from men, etc., they had, up until the last century or so.
    In my opinion though, most of the time, it WOULD be better for women to shut their mouths, whether they're going off about a man or whatever it is. I believe it's very possible that women just carry too many emotions compared to men, which end up over-ruling their ability to reason, which makes for poor arguments and red-faces. Now to be a woman who can control her emotions, and let her ability to reason emerge - that's ideal.

    -Another Woman

  2. I call total bullshit on women being more emotional than men. Men just show it differently, but they are just as emotional. I challenge anyone to prove that men are able to use their reason better than women. I pretty much call it a fair game, but if I had to place my chips, I'd place it on women being more reasonable.

  3. I don't understand why both sexes can't accept that each sex has flaws in their own ways. It's really not a male thing or a female thing, it's a human thing. Everyone has disgusting habits that I sure don't even want to think about and to blame one gender for everything is just ignorant. I think there are certain gender roles that each male and females are expected to play, but we certainly have the free-will to step out of those norms. People are people and judging a person by their gender, doesn't really solve anything or let you get to know the person better.

    -A girl who sees it both ways-

  4. An interesting discussion. I do not believe that any sex has a monopoly on reason or emotion. Furthermore, the distinction made between reason and emotion is false. Neuroscience has demonstrated via brain scans that multiple regions of the brain are involved in so called rational decision making. In short, reason and emotion are always connected!

    Cordelia Fine, in her new text, Delusions of Gender, makes the argument that our minds, society and what she calls neurosexism create difference. Her work is compatible with all of the great psychologists from Freud to Lacan, that the mental world, including gender, is a socially created one.

    Let me take this argument one step further. Sex itself is the result of natural selection, it is just a better (more efficient) way, given viruses and germs, of the perpetuation of the species. The differences are either the result of natural selection or social relations!

    The gist of my comment is that we should not make too much of socially perceived differences between males and females! In the long run they are not that significant.

  5. I don't understand why you say that there is no distinction between emotions and reason. I see it all the time. and how is pissing in the shower gross? I wash my ass in the shower. Is that gross too?

  6. Pissing in or washing your ass in the shower is not gross, but neither is shitting in the shower or farting bombs at the dinner table, especially if you live alone (the water from the shower will wash the shit away) but if you live in a dorm or with someone, then you got to step up your game. Pissing on the toilet seat or not cleaning it up after a tacos or bad pizza attack is not cool dude!