Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two-faced (by anonymous)

I feel that our society is so wrapped around the media and the people that are commonly involved in it. The people that are in the media (singers, athletes, etc) Are living living false lives and I don't think alot of people understand this. Alot of rappers or singers have something called alter egos. Those are basically split personalities portraying them to be someone that they're not. I think it gives off the assumption that you can't be successful if you be yourself and I don't think this is the image that we should be giving our youth.


  1. I don't get why anyone really cares about the personal lives of athletes, singers, actors, etc. I hate standing in line at the grocery store and seeing the front page of every magazine having to do with some celebrity scandal or some shocking photo... and so many people buy the shit and think it's really interesting and important for some reason.
    It's one thing to appreciate the life of a good actor or a good musician or what have you, but it's another thing to buy into the shallow gossip of their personal lives which may or may not be accurately represented in the magazines and on TV and whatnot in the first place. The media is such a HUGE thing in this country that distracts people from focusing on who they themselves are and what their role is within their local surroundings, thus they tend to lead misguided existences, acting like someone they are not, embracing ideals, values, morals, and beliefs, of people they see in the media.. rather than those they've developed for themselves.
    (Anyone noticing a theme here on this blog????? Baaaa!!!!!)

  2. The media is very broad, from the New York Times to the pulp crap sold in grocery stores, but it also includes the alternative media, such as Democracy Now, Huffington Post, Politico, the Drudge Report, so like everything else in life, you have to be selective.