Monday, January 24, 2011

Gay Marriage and Equality (posted by Spike)

Here's an interesting question... when Dr. King spoke of freedom, was it just suppose to be seen as a solution for his problem or was it a way for the world to branch off and show that there is a lack of equality? In my eyes i believe everyone is equal. I know that we are all different and to me that makes me know that we are our own individual. It shouldn't matter what our age or race or sexual orientation is. we are nothing without each other. we need to come together as a whole and work towards seeing each other as equals. Right now i have seen how poorly people have treated gays. i know from experience how people view gays. i also know that many people are open minded and embrace gays with equality. i feel that gay marriage shouldn't be a topic to fight over. i feel that gay marriage is just like any other marriage. its a unity between two people, no matter what gender. if more people could see this they would see that fighting about it is pointless. we are all equals so why not actually work towards showing that we are equal instead of fighting over it?


  1. Let's do this, until we have solved all the problems that hate and envy and venality bring to all of humankind, let us set aside issues of who is worthy to love and allow people who are trying to make connection to enrich their lives alone.

  2. I have never understood the gay marriage problem myself. Why do people get so bent against it? If two people love each other so much that they want to get married, let them. How exactly does this hurt other people? I agree that "gay marriage shouldn't be a topic to fight over."

    How about we start protesting heterosexual marriages? Maybe that would make the point.

  3. Gays can already marry in several states! Five states currently allow same-sex couples to marry. In date order, those states are: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and New Hampshire. The District of Columbia also now recognizes gay marriages as of March 3, 2010. I think that California will follow soon. So hold off on protesting heterosexual marriages for now. I have always felt that gays should have the right to be as miserable as other married couples, given that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce court. Cupid does not hang around long after firing the arrow.

  4. I think it's simple, we love who we love. It's about the connection that you have with a person that is important in my book. Many people argue that being gay is a choice, but even if you are straight...can you choose who you fall in love with? For me, the answer is no. Whether you are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans...ect. there is a certain fufillment that comes along with embracing who you are as a person. The world isn't an accepting place and I think that some people are trying to change that, especially me. I think that you can never really know a person until you peel back the layers and take the time to find out their struggles in life. Sexual orientation shouldn't be the way you define a person.