Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello PEOPLE, time to WAKE UP! (posted by <~-._TRUTH_.-~>)

On and on others and I have come to notice this great nation created by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE, and of the PEOPLE is no longer serving the needs of the PEOPLE.  After each day I can not help but see that though we grow in the now we are becoming weaker in the long haul.  We no longer are standing for what it is that we as the PEOPLE truly want and believe.  Recent times have led us to become paranoid.  We have passed into law, unconstitutional laws and have agreed to give the higher powers of our nation, the government as a whole, free passing into our lives.  We buy into their suggestions blindly and uncontested.  It scares me to say this but I do believe, as does others, that if they really wanted they could simply ask for all of us to put cameras in all of our rooms.  And we would do it!  Under the promise that it would be safer! 

There are many Americans who have read George Orwell's 1984.  Many saw this novel as a prophecy and to be completely honest, everything George prophesied has, for the most part, come true in America.  Of course, some interpretation is needed to see this.  Such interpretation takes mind power and time.  To simply be active.  Americans are known as the lazy country and the kids of today are referred to as the lazy generation.  To ask an American to be active seems almost intangible. 

It seems that a time has come or is soon to come that we all must take a step back from our egocentric views on OUR lives and view our nation and this world in a third person.  We need to be global in our views and see the world as ALL OF OUR lives.  How our lives exist and can coexist.

Freewill.  Though this is a gift, it also seems to be the downfall of man.  It seems that because our minds are the most powerful weapons in the universe and can create literally anything; we have given ourselves an overwhelming number of options in our lives.  Our minds have created religion, government, cures, toys, the list goes on and on. 

When our constitution was written we were given 10 amendments known as The Bill of Rights.  These rights were intended to be absolute throughout the existence of our nation.  Among these rights were were given the right to bear arms.  Our ancestors used this privilege to protect not only their lives but their loved ones lives, their beliefs, and their way of being.  This sort of protection was not looked down upon in this time.  In fact, history has shown us that this sort of behaviour has actually been glorified through common speak and through Hollywood.  It is what the PEOPLE want and it is still viewed as illegal in most cases to stand up and fight for your life, your loved ones lives, and your way of being.  That is if you do not inform greater powers of your plans and intentions.  Why is this?  We have freewill;  the higher powers cannot see to every problem we have in our lives; so it seems irrational that we have to wait upon their call in order to act.  We should have control of at least our lives.  When it comes down to it. We don't!

The distance from us is relevant when they use their numbers and statistics in order to make decisions and changing actions for the neighborhoods of the United States.  It is like Dr. Steven Greer said, “If we are passive, we are enabling the controllers and therefore we must rise up... With one voice, without fear.  If the people will lead, The leaders will follow!”  It makes sense!  If we the PEOPLE rise up and lead each other then the leaders will have no power over us.  We will finally taste freedom.  With freedom we will no longer have a pursuit of happiness we will be given the right to happiness.  We will have taken the largest step to waking up from the American Dream since 1776.  “It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it!” -George Carlin.

So brothers and sisters that create the PEOPLE, Can we all wake up?!  It all makes sense and is the truth.  If you still are questioning the possibility then think about these possibilities critically!  Get Critically Pissed and find the truth through research not through what you are spoon fed from cradle to grave!



  1. I don't get what you are really asking us to do. Are you anti-government? Are you a Tea-Partier? You want us to bear arms to rise up and protect ourselves? Is the Arizona shooting falling on deaf ears? What are you really getting at?

  2. To Anon 1:25....
    Don't passively live your life. Instead, be active and promote activity in the lives of others who need it. Practice open-mindedness, acceptance, love, the ability to bravely, non-violently stand up for yourself and for your loved ones and defend the way of life that you believe in, which is most likely free, peaceful, and joy-filled. Don't let the people who are ripping you off get away with it. Think that life could be different than what it is now, and think about the reasons why there are problems with life now, and how to fix them, if not for yourself, for the betterment of future generations and those around you. Your question however implies that you simply don't feel the need to be active, because you find nothing to be a real problem and nothing that causes immediate discomfort in your life, which, I will admit, is difficult to look past most, if not all, of the time.

  3. Do you have anything specific you think we should change besides Big Brother?

    Also, I thought Anon 1:25's questions weren't bad. How does asking those questions mean that one is complacent? Clarification is a good think, right?

  4. Are you anti-government? No
    Are you a Tea-Partier? No
    You want us to bear arms to rise up and protect ourselves? No
    Is the Arizona shooting falling on deaf ears? No
    What are you really getting at? what I am really getting at is that the PEOPLE of the US are growing more and more fearful of anything outside the cookie cutter every day. They skold and mock anybody not of the 'Norm' so they can wash their hands. Baring arms is not the answer but we can use our minds as our arms and we can contest the ones trying to control us and make our cookie cutter. John D. Rockefeller said and still stands by his obnoxious quote from days back, "I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers." and that quote alone pisses me off knowing that he has a great influence in what goes on in the nation of the US and can have tea with the president if he decides too.


  5. Well truth! You have good intentions but your argument is fundamentally flawed. First, this is not a nation created by the people for the people. It is a nation created by white European property owners, who owned slaves, for the benefit of these same white property owners,who later became Americans! Furthermore, the Constitution, including the bill of rights, was a compromise document worked out between the North and South, as well as the Federalist and ant-Federalist factions. Slaves were defined in the Constitution as 3/5 of a person for purpose of representation in Congress. As far as the American Dream is concerned, it may have once been a dream for white folks (not all), but it has been a "nightmare" for most people of color! Finally, the historic origins of every democracy is soaked in blood and violence, from Athens to America! It is the democracies that extol the virtues of non-violence! A dead "I have a dream" MLK is used by the media to push this philosophy out of its historical context. Malcolm "By Any Means Necessary" is ignored.

  6. This post wasn't meant to specifically tell people to "fill out form A, put it in slot B" or some other cut-and-dry kind of order. Are we that dependent on getting specific orders that we can't understand what this post is actually trying to say?
    We all know we want peace, clarity, happiness, etc. in life, and we all know not all of us get that, if any of us. So, it's time to look at the problems we're facing these days, and understand that we as individuals have the power to make changes for the better.
    My suggestion is to look first at oneself, develop a set of strongly held, well-justified and critically assessed beliefs, morals, standards, values, etc. that, if possible, can be developed aside from whatever might be currently socially impressed upon oneself (this may take work - perhaps, a philosophy class could help one do this). Once one develops his/her ideals and improves him/herself by committing to a well thought out personal outlook, it's time for that person to start spreading his/her ideals where he/she finds them to be absent, and find others who want to help communicate those same ideals, refine them, add to them, etc. Then, it's time for the person(s) to act on those ideals, meaning, whenever one sees a situation that appears to go directly against his/her ideals and understanding of what should be, that person needs to stand up, seek out who or what is responsible and make every effort to reason with it, with well-informed arguments and a will to have done what he/she truly believes is right and good for the community overall.

  7. Sounds like the Crusade for Christ. Develop a personal Christian outlook, then spread the news to anyone absent of the good word in their life. Praise to Jesus. The truth shall make ye free. Come to me my children.

  8. Sounds like a strong position. I can see where it sounds like Crusade too. But couldn't it also be construed as critical thinking witnessed to the masses? The part that throws me a little is the "it's time for that person to start spreading his/her ideals where he/she finds them to be absent." Taken in religious dogmatist way that would be really bad (and what we already see in America). But taken in a critical thinking way, that would be really good. A little flavoring of fallibility would also season it well if taken in the latter.

  9. I can see how this could be taken the wrong way...it was definitely meant to be in a critical thinking way, and absolutely NOT any type of religious way.
    1) a person takes time in life to critically analyze different understandings of morals, values, ways of right and wrong, etc., to rationally come up with one of his/her own, thus affecting his/her actions and way of life. (My main theory - learn about philosophy! Seriously think about what those philosophers have said and what it means...)
    2) when that person experiences or witnesses what he/she feels is a wrong-doing in his/her community, that person should stand up, and communicate the ideals he/she has developed through critical thinking, and help others take time to do the same (however, the problem here is that most people do not want help taking time to do this - they don't believe their actions/ideals could be wrong, or misguided in any way, or they just don't care to address and fix the error of their ways).
    Crimes are witnessed and experienced everyday, and I don't just mean technically illegal acts, I'm talking about crimes in general against humanity, that infringe upon people's autonomy, where humans are treated as a means only, where selfishness and a lack of compassion are displayed, and so on and so forth. When those types of crimes go unrecognized and unstopped, people stop caring and think it's OK to commit those same crimes themselves, and it's like a continuous cycle.
    All it takes is one person to decide to stand out from that cycle, and not give in to it, despite it being the easy way, the way of the general population.

    I did not mean for this to be so complicated...

    -Anon 2:59

    PS: I can't say I'm religious, but I still have faith!

  10. Now that is the problem! Who is going to stand up knowing that they may be wiped out like Socrates? They can kill your ass and make it look like you committed suicide.