Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recession (by Loak)

Why is the United States suffering from a recession at this moment? The government creates all these bills, taxes, and laws that force us to pay out all of our hard earned money. Then they claim that we're too lazy to get up and earn money "the American way" by working a 9 - 5 job. Then when we finally decide to start working, they come with these made up taxes for medicare and osha and we don't even receive the benefits if we lose our jobs. My grandmother won the lottery (25,000) and they took 8,000 out as taxes for cashing the check! Then they create toll booths where you have to pay more and more the farther you go and they increase the prices of gas and food so they can add to their pockets. Can sodas are $1.00 now!  Who's to blame for the current recession: we the citizens or the government that controls us?

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  1. Oh, I don't think anyone is out there saying that Americans are lazy. The mantra now is jobs, jobs, jobs. Regardless of what society you live in, you have to pay the piper. This subject is more complex than a simple either or argument. We are all to blame for the recessions, consumers for taking advantage of easy credit, the banks for the sub prime housing crisis, the US Govt for ending the regulations of the financial system, and the public for supporting multiple and expensive wars. Corporations for sending their plants and jobs abroad. How we get out of it is anyone's guess at this point. I suspect that the US will crash and burn in the coming years but will remain a third rate world power behind the Chinese. Most experts predict the dollar will tank as the international reserve currency by 2012.