Sunday, February 3, 2013

I want the truth and nothing but the truth! (by anon)

For reasons beyond my comprehension, I am interested in the truth, no matter how depressing, brutal, chaotic, disgusting, or infuriating it may be. I will not carelessly subscribe to some prescription of truth, nor close my mind to all but one possible truth, out of pure faith in a text that is centuries old and filled with undeniable logical contradictions and factual errors. To let a single, select series of written words be that which solely influences all understanding of life and the universe, things good and just, pure and sacred, all that is real of the past, present, and future, despite anything else in the world, is to be blinded not by the light of God, but by the light of indoctrination and propaganda.

While this light may bring comfort and joy to many, it is like a psychological injection, a drug for the human spirit, and it is in the process of becoming obsolete, no longer serving its original purpose (whatever it was), for there is a higher morality and intellect emerging among us. It's time to focus on the well-being of all individuals, physically and psychologically. It's time for everyone, especially those who are in power, to make decisions that enhance life, protect individuals from being harmed unwillingly and unwittingly, generate peace among people, and sustain a suitable environment. I believe our intellect can culminate these generally desired outcomes efficiently and peaceably.

We are not animals anymore. We have grown capable of overcoming our fear, suffering, and resentment, through means of higher order reflection, admittance, and graceful acceptance of the looming and compelling possibilities of the nature of reality and human existence. We do not need lies, tricks of faith, or protection from the mere thought or entertainment of undesired possibilties. We must stop fooling ourselves in hopes of living forever, exacting revenge upon evil doers, and meeting our loved ones in eternity. We must let our ultimate gift of Reason guide us towards realizing the serious possibilities we face, and release us from the grip of traditional views derived long ago regarding the true origin, fate, and overall nature of humankind.

I am not pointing to the truth, and I do not claim to know it. I am pointing to today’s blatant denial of the honest quest for truth. I am pointing to the obvious flaw in the unwavering conviction that our lives must continue beyond death, that we are saved despite our sinful ways, that if we do not hold certain beliefs, we will burn violently in a place called hell, rather than live blissfully and eternally in a place called heaven.

Clutching these beliefs stubbornly and undoubtedly ignores the possibility of, and possible consequences associated with, there being no life after death, no hell or heaven, no morality/justice delivered from the heavens, etc. Unwillingness to accept this possibility and its consequences stunts our intellectual growth as a species. It numbs us and disables us from acknowledging the possibility that life on Earth is the one and only reality we will ever experience. By properly recognizing this possibility, we could, perhaps, fix this world, once and for all.

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