Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Group work assignments just suck (by anon)

Group assignments should not be required. Everyone has been in a group where one person absolutely does nothing but shows up at the last day to present. Why should we all share the same grade but all did not put in the same amount of work? I understand that group work supposed to help us get along well with others but it’s actually doing the opposite.  I dread working with others because college students schedule are busy dealing with work, classes, organizations, or even kids in some cases. Trying to find a time to meet up with other busy college students is a hassle. I was once in a group where we all had great ideas but no one wanted to compromise and let go of their idea. It was a battle because we did come to a conclusion about one topic but the other group members seemed to be uninterested. You cannot put students in a group and force them to work together because they might all have different backgrounds of education. You cannot assume that they will be on the same level. Group work is not for everyone. There’s other ways to show that you work well with others. I just believe that group work is not one of them.

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