Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To drink you're damned, to not drink you're damned (by anon)

I recently got a write up for breaking the alcohol policy in the residence halls, but I don't think I deserved it and here's why: A group of people, me included, were hanging out in a friends dorm. Some of my friends were drinking and some weren't. I was not. I left for about fifteen or twenty minutes to go talk to someone on another floor. I got back down to my friends room the same time that two R.A's were talking to my friends because they smelled alcohol outside of my friends dorm room. The R.A's knew that I was good friends with these people so they assumed I was with them and they gave me a write up for drinking as they did everybody who was in the room. When I had my meeting with the Complex Director I argued that I shouldn't be written up because I wasn't even in the room when everyone was caught. One of my friends had told her that I was in the room earlier but that I wasn't drinking. She told me that regardless of whether I was in the room or not, I was guilty by association so I was in fact going to be written up. According to the "rules" I should have alerted somebody that there was drinking going or I should have left the situation completely. So this lady expects me to either tell on my friends, or not hang out with them at all?

Let’s face the facts: drinking is very popular in college, there will be situations where somebody who doesn't drink is around people who do drink. This whole “guilt by association” thing does nothing but let those who don't drink know that if they are around it they are going to get in trouble, so they might as well drink and get the same consequences. People who don't drink should be acknowledged for their good choices, instead of being put in the same boat as everyone who makes bad decisions.

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