Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What is up with the rental companies in Whitewater?? (by anon)

Rental companies in Whitewater need to treat their tenants better. Whitewater is a small town, so there are only a handful of companies to choose from that will rent to college students. These companies I feel do not treat their customers right but instead take advantage of us college students.

First of all the system of leasing is really inconvenient. Typically you move in the beginning of June and out the middle of May. What are you supposed to do those two weeks between? Anywhere else one would typically move out of one place and into another; however that is not an option in Whitewater usually. If you switch units through the same company then you will have better luck. Unfortunately when that’s the case, you often have 24 hours. Hopefully you do not have work or a life the day they call and tell you to move. Last spring I was homeless. I had to put my stuff somewhere so I had to spend extra cash to rent a storage unit. For a week I lived out of my car and crashed at friends. My old rental company said I had to be out and my new rental company was hardly accommodating in moving in early. It was extremely frustrating. My new rental company said I would be able to move early. However, they changed my move in date three times and could not give me a straight answer but continuously told me to call back. The same thing happened to multiple friends of mine.

Once I moved in I found more disappointment. The place was not thoroughly cleaned. Also maintenance had not been completed. I was told that soon after move in they would return to finish. It is now the middle august and they have yet to return. My family room and kitchen lights work for maybe two minutes and then begin to constantly flicker. The light bulb in my ceiling light in my bedroom is the wrong size so the cover won’t fit. My back burner on my stove still does not work. My back door screen is still hanging off. I even requested that the blinds be new before move-in, unfortunately when I moved in two different windows already had broken blinds. My shower head continuously leaks. Anywhere in the back of the house a constant drip-drip-drip can always be heard. Oh well I don’t pay for water, they do J.

The quality of service and their standards is too low. The quality of the living is low. The typical tiny oven that most of us have sucks. The food is burned on the bottom before the top is unfrozen. Trim along the base of walls really is not too much to ask for.
They overall do not treat their customers properly. To supply internet and then shut it off without warning is not fair to your tenants. Also their general disrespect is irritating. Many of my other friends have had problems as well. One reported a maintenance problem and when she returned from home a couple weeks later she found all her fans on. Opps maintenance forgot. Thanks for the increase in electricity !!! My previous rental company did something similar. After winter break I returned to find a new screen door on and my main door unlocked. Maintenance had come in felt the need to open my blinds and leave the door unlocked. I was thankful nothing was stolen. Also the fact that they entered without any notice was irritating.

I feel that the rental companies treat us poorly. They treat us as college students not actual costumers. They do not have to provide good customer service.  Space is limited and they will find people to rent even if they treat their tenants poorly. I feel incredibly taken advantage of. I would truly appreciate more respect and truth from my rental company. Even though we are college students, we still are paying our good money and deserve to be treated with some respect. I have rented from two of the larger rental companies and have been left very unhappy. Hopefully the next rental company I rent from will actually respect their tenants and provide good customer service.


  1. Easy fix; avoid DLK and go with Lowrich LLC. I have lived in one of their rentals for 2 years and I am signed up for my third this year because they have been so great. Anything broken, give them a call and they most likely will be there that day to fix it. Plus they do free snow plowing and grass cutting. Overall, they have been a pleasure to rent from.

  2. Yeah screw DLK. It sounds like that is the company you and your friends you've mentioned have had to deal with. I know they charge high rates for rent and do not keep up with general repairs that tenants should not have to be responsible for. In any case, don't just stop looking when you've found the top two rental companies and assume they are the best becuase they are the top two. There are plenty of small companies out there that rent in this town - you have to use every resource available sometimes to find these leasers, but they're out there. DLK with their monopoly on rental space in this town is just the absolute WORST... dig deeper and you'll find some better service.

  3. DLK owns Whitewater. Every chancellor must kiss his ass (old man is currently the treats of night creatures as he rots in his casket awaiting the rapture, lol) They donate millions to Whitewater over the years but they have ripped off Whitewater faculty, staff and students for years. They are the big slum lords on campus. The university played right into their hands by letting them rent out the roach infested sub standard apartments so close to campus. You should see some of the building students live in on other campuses. Well, no you stay here because if you do you would transfer.

  4. For the record, DLK is dead.

  5. DLK may be dead and rotting in the grave, but his son runs the business or have you forgotten that even DLK banged. So the family runs the business.

  6. Sonofabitch. For a minute I thought this post was by Raskolnikov, but I see he's in he comments, too