Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Holes in my wallet (by anon)

The cost of living at UWW is pretty ridiculous.  First off, you pay outrageous prices for your courses. I only took 6 credits over this past summer and it cost me $2,100. Being a college kid I already do not have money to waste on pointless things. My second pet peeve is dorm life. You pay just about double than if you had your own apartment, and only have a quarter of the space. To top it off they make you purchase a meal plan. This makes life easy, but it definitely burns a huge whole in my wallet. Everything is overpriced at the markets and the food itself is par at best. I do not see why I have to buy dining dollars when I can just buy my own groceries at a local store. If I’m over 18, I should have the right to choose what I want to do. They make it seem like everyone is there to help you, but they really only want your money. After all this and many other taxes are added you come up with a total cost of about $14,000 per year. It only cost $90 per year to attend my high school. How is this even possible? The government should step in and try and reduce costs so Americans can further their education.


  1. There is no free lunches so get used to it and stop crying so much. Whitewater has some of the lowest tuition in the US so consider yourself lucky. The money you spend may lead you on to a fabulous career. The chair of the GOP is a Whitewater grad. There are graduates that are now lawyers,doctors, owners of businesses, and prof making good money so wipe the tears and suck it up. Your education is an investment in yourself. So wipe those tears off your face and pay the bills.

  2. Please do your research first. Some of the things you complain about are not even a UWW issue. The meal plan is a STATE MANDATE that affects ALL UW campuses, not just UWW, requiring non-commuting freshmen and sophomore students under the age of 21 to have.

    As for the dorm prices, the question may be what are you willing to give up to have it be less expensive elsewhere? The dorm prices are roughly $1680/semester for a double occupancy. You would have to find a dual occupancy location that does ~$420 a month that includes:
    - free utilities (that work)
    - free internet (that works)
    - on site washers and dryers
    - walking distance to campus

    At best most locations even coming close would be $500 a month but would not include utilities and chances are they are farther from campus. (I have experienced DLK's internet before. Have fun.) That or you would have to get a 4-occupancy location, but that's sacrificing control over personal space for cost. Even then sometimes the cost doesn't compare.

    All in all, the cost is actually on the lower end of the scale for pricing in Whitewater when you factor in what you are getting. Now if you don't want internet or cable or say you have a car and you are willing to drive than walk around campus, or other such factors, then you may have an argument.

    As for the cost of high school vs college, that is comparing apples and oranges. It's a $90 sign up fee, but you are not including all the taxes that are pulled to pay for the schools. Also, high school is required attendance up through the end of the term a student turns 18 years of age. College has no such requirement.

    By chance are you working a full time job and that is why you are only taking 6 credits? (If you are working, I can completely understand only taking 6.) If not, then you should be going at least 12 (if not 14-16) for full time to get your money's worth.

    1. I a friend who lives at the Regent Apts across from the library and they told me that it was at least $350 a month (if you split up the semester bill) but electricity is not included. Water, heat, cable, and internet is. I did not ask about the quality and forgot about the cost of a parking permit. They did mention that the summer is a different rate than the rest. $900 total for the summer?

      Which brings up a different point, whether you need to stay year round on campus or just the semesters. That could make a difference as well. Or if you stay the entire week. So many go home for the weekends.

  3. dorm life at UWW will undoubtedly be exponentially shittier for all those living on the west side of campus. Drumlin dining hall will be closed for at least the entire first semester so all those in the 6 pack will need to walk to Esker or P-Street for most meals, and those 2 dining halls will probably be packed with students most of the time.