Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting to class fast - by wheels! (by anon)

I do not want to say that I am actually pissed off. I will say that I have a suggestion for improving UWW. As a student at UWW if you live on campus you probably already know what it is like trying to cut through the middle of campus. We have bike lanes on part of Prairie Street and in some other locations, but for the most part the heavily traveled areas of campus go without any sort of express lane for wheeled transport. As a biker and longboarder when I zip to class at double digit mph speeds I am not looking to put anyone at risk or scare people. I have no problem shouting “passing on your left” but this does not work for some of our students drowning in ear drum damaging music.  Even worse is when you say something and the person unwittingly moves into your path. I am not saying I am unwilling to cut around pedestrians. I just have trouble playing red rover at high speeds. When coming down a hill towards a group of six or more people walking straight towards you they would walk on just part of the sidewalk. No. They seem to be too busy playing battle march to be bothered to leave even part of a 10 ft wide path open. Sure I could speed right towards them, but typically I am forced to bail to avoid a last minute high speed bail or collision. If no express path of any sort can be made then I simply plead with fellow students and faculty to please be aware of your surroundings. I walk and try to move for faster walkers, bikers and boarders.

Some of you might say that pedestrians have the right away. I agree. A little foresight can help avoid collisions between the two groups though. So next time someone cuts around you I ask that you consider if you were checking to make sure no one was coming up behind you. When they pass ask if you or your group were taking up the whole path. Next time you try to pass someone I ask that you try making them aware and leave a comfortable distance.

To anyone who has been hit by a rider on wheels I say this. I am sorry. One of the first rules of riding is to not ride outside your ability.

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  1. I am also a fellow longboarder on campus and have several scars due to this exact situation! People just don't pay attention to where they are going! I have never hit anyone, but have bailed several times because people walk like they are drunk when texting.The packs of people on campus is also extremely annoying. You know who I'm talking about, the girls that slowly walk side by side and take up the entire sidewalk.
    Unfortunately we can rant and complain as much as we want, but you know, as well as I, that Whitewater will never do anything about it. Not unless someone dies or is seriously injured will Whitewater even consider taking action to improve sidewalks or roads (like the new stop light by the alumni center)