Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Republicans are sick and shameless! (by anon)

Yes, almost all politicians are insanely dumb, adolescent, and greedy to the core, but this little news item takes the cake.
It appears that some Pima County, Arizona Republicans are fundraising by raffling off a handgun.  While in my mind that is sick enough, this particular handgun is the same kind of handgun that Jared Loughner used to kill six people and shoot Gabrielle Giffords in the head!  In Arizona!!  Only eight months ago!!!  The gun is a Glock.  The only difference between the gun being raffled and the gun Loughner used is that the raffled gun is a Glock 23, and Loughner’s gun was a Glock 19.  One is just a little bit bigger than the other.  With the raffled gun comes a grip, a case, and three 12-round magazines.  Oh, and it’s preloaded – you know, so you can start shooting immediately!

Am I crazy??  Are they crazy??  First, why would anyone think that raffling off a gun is a good thing?  I guess some Republicans started spouting off “It’s a constitutional right” when they were questioned about this.  But that is pure bullshit.  Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean that it is a good thing to do by any measure.  I can put a mouse in a microwave, nuke it, and watch it blow up, but that is damn cruel.  But I CAN do it.  Some people need to grow up in really big ways.
The obvious second questions is how can those Republicans be so insensitive about the Arizona shooting?  I don’t care if they have had gun raffles in the past.  I don’t care if they are great fundraisers.  Sometimes moral sensibilities transcend money.  This is certainly that time, and those Republicans failed.  They represent a great moral low point on any scale.  Those Republicans lack moral character and should be run out of office.
But NO!!  You know what happened?  They sold those damn raffle tickets so fast that they put up another gun to raffle off.  Even after INTERNATIONAL criticism that their raffle is morally repugnant, they thought it would be best to capitalize on the demand and put up a rifle so that more numnuts could get their grubby constitutional hands on more firepower.  That’s what you can an A-class response. ugh
What a great country we live!  What’s worse is that WE THE PEOPLE elect these assholes.  The Republican constituents who voted these assholes into office are currently holding the mantle of America’s moral low.  Pima County Republicans can rot!!
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  1. Aren't you over-reacting a little here? First, have you ever been to Arizona or Tombstone? They idolize and worship dead gunslingers. They care more for Wyatt Earp than Thomas Jefferson.

    Quote from some bad asses:

    'Leave me alone and let me go to hell by my own route.' -- Calamity Jane

    They say I killed six or seven men for snoring. It ain't true. I only killed one man for snoring.' -- John Wesley Hardin

    'Never run a bluff with a six-gun.' -- Bat Masterson

    'You're the sickest looking lot of sheriffs I ever seen.' -- Tom Horn's comments as he mounted the gallows

    'Can't you hurry this up a bit? I hear they eat dinner in Hades at twelve sharp and I don't aim to be late.' -- Black Jack Ketchum before he was hung

    At the annual Helldorado event in Tombstone, they will raffle off a 1844 Black Power Colt revolver right after the mustache and Beard contest.

    So raffling of guns is not big deal.

  2. Here's a super-simple statement that even a liberal should be able to understand:

    Guns don't kill people. The uneducated and/or mentally unstable criminals that liberals insist on keeping out on the streets with the general population kill people, and they will do so with or without access to guns.

    P.S. - Giffords herself owns a Glock.

    P.P.S. - Stop whining.