Sunday, September 25, 2011

My favorite professor **said with major snark!** (by anon)

Dear Professor,

     I understand that we live in a world of fascinating technology, and this technology can help with all sorts of things like research and socializing but according to you, it helps a lot with teaching ourselves the material, which in the long run does us good.  You even graciously allowed us to pay a total of $37.00 for a database system that is not compatable with most computers, and which we can access for FREE through the library.  You also had us pay for an amazing online text book, when there is a text book rental on campus once again for FREE.  On top of it, you were one of the AUTHORS of the book through the rental. Does this mean you dont believe the information you helped create?  So now I wasted all of this extra money for an inadequate database, and on a professor who doesnt teach. So now, im left with a shitty database a big hole in my wallet, and the amazing professor who didnt think any of this through.  Did I mention I have not LEARNED anything yet? I love professor's who dont teach with all of my heart. I really do.

your patient kind loving student


  1. Dear Student:

    I am hurting now. I have 6 kids ranging from 2 months to 7 years. They all drink semilac and this shit is very expensive, even at Walmart. I am seriously considering purchasing a cow or a goat and getting my own milk straight from the tit.

    Now I am not making excuses but I have not received a raise in 7 years, and this past year Walker made me start paying a percentage of my health care and pension, so I have to do something to supplement my meager income.

    Except for the administrators, faculty members do not make a lot of money. I know you and others say that we should be in this profession because we love it, but we have to eat too. My wife sells avon products and I collect trash on the weekends because we have no income during the summer. I am on a 9 month contract. Last year, for example, I had an early morning paper route.

    You are right, however, I do receive a small royalty from the book, about $40.00 or so each semester, enough for a case of semilac. I really did not think an additional $37 dollars would hurt you and other students that much. $37.00 is just three pizzas, not a very big hole in your wallet. Besides, looking across the campus on Friday I noticed a lot of discarded beer bottles, pizza boxes and ******.

    My dear student, the semester has just started, so give me a little more time. I don't get paid until Oct 1. We are living on food stamps and I am hungry often and cannot think straight. Once I get paid and get a good meal inside me at Jessicas, I will kick into high gear and start doing it. You will see. Have faith in me like you have faith in Jesus. I will not fail you.

    If you want to really help me, then stand with us during our next protest. By the way, there were very few students from Whitewater participating in the last protests at the Capital.

    By the way, I make $45,000. You will graduate and make more than me. Given the economy, I will never get another raise. I am fucked!

    I love you with all my heart,

    Your professor

  2. I hate how in our society pain, suffering, or bad luck is some kind of right of passage or free pass from being held to a standard. This will sound cruel but, no one made you have kids, and perhaps you should look into so other line of work. Instead of protesting and looking for alms you might want to get an education in a different line of work if this one isn't cutting it. Take control of your life instead of complaining and asking for forgiviness and pateince. It is your life whatever problems are in it were put thier mostly by you. Knowledge is power use it.

  3. This situation is just a result of the system we're all trapped in. We're against each other when we should be against our government. Sure one can argue that having several kids could or should have been avoided in order to avoid the current situation, but someone could also argue that due to uncontrollable circumstances, unforeseen complications arose after seemingly sound decisions were already made. One could argue both sides here, and it could be an endless debate, really, and it wouldn't actually get anyone any closer to a solution for the problem.

    Unfortunately, we're all fucked, one way or the other given the state of our economy and society in general. So once we recognize that, it will be easier to see where the blame really lies, and it will be easier to handle these kinds of problems. Regardless, it's a complex situation; and ridiculing one side or the other makes no progress.

  4. 658, you do not have a clue on what you are talking about. There are inequities all around where people are not being held to the proverbial standards. Pain, suffering and just bad luck has fucked lots of people. I don't need to go into this, but the standard is to pay your bills on time, but if you have had the bad luck to lose your job due to the economy then you cannot meet the standard. By the way, you must not have any kids, or you would know that a lot of us are unplanned, even you may be a back seat car baby. Maybe your daddy isn't your real daddy after all. Mammy's baby daddy's maybe! So will you stand with us against the US empire and help make the world a better place.

  5. 1057


  6. So what line of work would you recommend? The unemployment rate is about 9 percent and 20 percent in minority communities. Even the very job you may desire to have after graduation if you are a student may not be available so you may have bad luck too. By the way, the unemployment rate among college grads is as high as it has been in the past 20 years, and many students are graduating with staggering debt. Bad fucking luck!

  7. It is easy to blame the world, Obama, Walker, or the economy. It is easy to pick up sighs and say give me whatever. It is hard, to chase and find a job you really want. It is hard to go to school while rising bunch of kids. It is hard taking responsibility for your actions.

    A great inspirational movie is the "pursuit of happyness." It is possible you just have to work for it. And remember it is not going to be easy but the rewards are well deserved.

  8. 4:38, you sound so out of touch with reality.
    There are serious problems in our country right now, and you're suggesting that "inspirational" Hollywood movies will pick people up, and make them realize anything is possible so they'll go and chase and find their dream job while raising kids at the same time, and live happily ever after.
    WAKE UP!
    Life is not a movie.

  9. Anyhoo. It sounds like this professor is just a selfish dork who is out of touch with reality. Use the fucking rental system. Pick databases that work easily. Don't pick your own book unless it is really really necessary and worthwhile. Don't drone on with powerpoint slides.

    I mean, holy fuck. Teaching isn't rocket science. The problem is what the fuck can one do when the teacher sucks at teaching???????????????????????

  10. 438:

    I saw the movie and tried to emulate Gardner, the character in the Pursuit of Happiness, but I could not even get in the door to be a stock broker trainee. I even took one of my 6 kids along with me. I watched Johnny Depp in Public Enemy but dismissed that idea after I saw how he got whacked. Any other movie suggestions.

  11. 7:02

    Ever heard of dropping the class and transferring into another class? This too is not rocket science and is done quite often. This particular student was aware of this situation at the beginning of the class, then get your ass out of it and stop complaining and crying like a baby or someone is going to shove a pacifier in your mouth.


  12. 7:02 PM

    Your criticisms are valid but you can do a lot of things. First, go get a tutor if you are lost. Second, form a study group with other lost students. Third, check out the sources on the Internet or in the library. Fourth, use some of your pizza money to purchase supplemental reading sources. Learning is not rocket science either. In short, take a more active role in your own learning process instead of just sitting back watching the power point slides. Man up or Woman up and challenge your prof in class.

  13. "I love professor's [recte: professors] who dont [recte: don't] teach with all of my [recte: their] heart [recte: hearts]."

    Totally agree that your $$ would be better spent elsewhere.

  14. 1. This class is gen ed.

    2. I dropped this course last year for a travel study program to Ecuador, and its not worth the time or energy to drop.

    3. I typed this when I got off of work at 10 pm scrubbing dishes all night... needless to say, not very awake and very stressed out.

    4. "my heart" does not transfer to "their hearts" and would be gramatically incorrect. "I love with all my heart is not syntagmatic to "I love with all of their hearts."

    5. I never order out,go out to eat or even drink booze... ever. I live paycheck to paycheck so yes, $37 is a lot of money, and I do understand material... there is nothing I didnt already know taught in that course, its not challenging nor does it make anyone think. Assuming things about a person as my teacher once said "makes an ass out of you and me." I am living on borrowed money and work 30 hours a week to try and pay it back, pay bills and pay groeceries so I dont owe this place even more money after graduation.

  15. "My heart" would be grammatically incorrect? But that's what *you* wrote!

    At any rate, "professors who don't teach with all their hearts" can easily be understood as the object of "love" -- not what you meant, perhaps, but not "gramatically [sic] incorrect" in itself.

    Maybe the angry blogging ought to come first thing in the morning. Then, surely, no one would make an ass out of you.