Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Abortion…the whole topic is dumb (by anon)

Like, does anyone have anything better to talk about?  So many people make this out to be such an important issue.  Michelle Bachmann just called it, “the watershed issue of our time.”  Oh please.  Cry me a river.

So what if some people abort their fetuses?  Seriously.  What’s the big deal?  The world economy could slide into a huge recession.  That is a big deal.  Many people would be affected in really bad ways.  There are major protests against dictator-like governments in the Middle East, even civil wars.  Those are big deals.  There are millions of people starving all over the world.  That is a big deal.  The enslavement of North Koreans.  That is a big deal.  The resurgence of terrorism, religious intolerance, increased murder rates, the world’s energy crisis, natural disasters.  Those are big deals.  Whether Jane has an abortion or not…that’s not a big deal, especially when you are not Jane.

The point: there are so many actually important things to talk about and get motivated to do something about than abortion.

When does life begin?  Who cares?  Like we will ever know.  That whole question is so arbitrary that I want to slap someone who finds that it is THEE question of the century.  “But the unborn baby has rights!”  That’s pretty debatable, but the mother certainly has rights.  So side with what we know and let the mother have her rights over her own body.  People wanting to legislate over other people’s bodies like that need to climb back into their holes.

But face it.  Abortion is primarily a political issue hyped up to motivate certain demographics to vote in particular ways.  Republicans love to bring it up to energize their conservative base to vote.  And you know what that means, don’t you?  It means that secretly Republicans never want the abortion issue to be settled in their favor because then they would lose that motivation to get people to vote for them. 

Yep, so we’ll still be hearing about abortion for the next 100 years or so…Oh God, abort me now!!


  1. Wait a minute! Abortion is a big issue, especially if you are the fetus or baby aborted, or if abortion is used to get rid of female births as is the practice in many parts of the world. As soon as they know that it is a female they abort. Most of the world prefer male babies, and thousands of females are aborted. Now this is a big fucking deal.

  2. Abortion is against the word of God. We must save the babies. The Lord struck down Dr. Tiller for performing late term abortion. Praise to God. The Lord struck down Hati for following voodoo. You better get right with the Lord and stand with us against the vile and evil abortionist. The rapture is coming and you will be left behind. God loves you.

  3. To ANON 1:30:
    Do you remember what it was like being a fetus in the womb, saying to yourself, "Please don't abort me"? Do you even remember what you were feeling/thinking at age 1??? Do you believe you would be hurt or upset, knowing your mother aborted you???? Oh wait! You wouldn't be, because you wouldn't be existing, therefore, you wouldn't even realize you ever existed in the first place and were aborted. And, if anything, it should be society as a whole that is more concerned about whether or not a fetus gets its chance in the world. NOT the fetus/baby itself.

    Jeez you people are crazy to think that it really matters to the fetus whether or not someone aborts it. Do you think every time a woman has a miscarriage, that fetus was traumatized or something?? No. The mother is more traumatized than anyone I'm going to guess, knowing she no longer has that baby, she'll always be left wondering "what if...??"

    So, if a mother actually chooses to give herself a 'miscarriage', so be it. It's not hurting anyone but herself and maybe the father/family involved, in some cases. It doesn't even have an affect on the baby/fetus itself.

  4. I think anon 4:16 is just full of shit. Religious quackery is just that, quackery. The bigger problem with the comment, though, is that it might be demeaning to people who really hold that view. But maybe that's not a bad thing.........?

  5. So Anon 1:30, would abortion in China be a problem if there were more equality in the sexes of the aborted fetuses? If the aborted fetuses were a 50/50 mix of males and females, would that solve your problem? What I am trying to say is that you are bringing up a slightly different issue than the morality of abortion itself.

    Abortion would not be a big issue to me if I were the aborted fetus. I'd be dead, and as far as I know, death is pretty worry-free.

  6. Abortion matters and it effects a lot more people than you might think. it definitely effects the family of the aborted fetus. My ex step mom got an abortion without telling anyone she was even pregnant. She did it to get back at my father for some stupid fight. She took a child away from my father and a brother or sister away from me. it's murder. Straight up. Of course, there are some cases where abortion may be necessary or at least somewhat understandable (if the pregnancy poses a big, potentially fatal threat to the mother's health or in cases of rape). But outside of those reasons, it's absolutely absurd and disgusting. There are better options for the mother and child, such as adoption.

    My big problem with abortion is that I feel like it takes away from our personal responsibility. In the majority of cases we chose to have sex and I don't think anyone on this planted who is able to consent to having sex is unaware of what could possibly come from having sex. Yeah, mistakes happen, but you should have to deal with your mistake in ways that DON'T take away the potential for life of another human being.

    People may not consider a fetus to be alive, but by having an abortion you are definitely taking away another person's potential for life. We all know what babies turn in to - people. According to some people, the fetus may not be a "person" just yet, but it would be some day. You may not be taking away a life, but you are definitely taking away a potential of life. To me, those pretty much seem like the same thing...

  7. So at what point is it murder, second month, third month, fourth month or eighth month? At what is the baby considered a human person? Come on, you abortionists, cat got your tongue? Can a woman abort in the 8th month? If you are a Catholic and you endorse abortion then you are a hypocrite. You better get right with God cause the Rapture is right around the corner and you will be left behind.

  8. Ok anon 2:08. So who then, should "rule" over the bodies of the impregnated females, by taking away their choice to have an abortion? The fathers? The entire family? The government? Or should the female herself have rule over her own body and everything within it?
    Come on.
    And how can you possibly think that taking away a "potential for life" is pretty much the same as taking away an actual life that is already operative in this world? I wonder then, do you think a guy wearing a condom during sex is also taking away a life, because he is taking away the potential? Probably not.

  9. This statement does not make logical sense:

    "Abortion would not be a big issue to me if I were the aborted fetus. I'd be dead, and as far as I know, death is pretty worry-free."

    You would not be dead cause you would have never been a conscious person, and as such there would be no ME or I but a nothingness. So abortion would not be a big deal because you would have never existed, thus you would not be able to make any statement in support of it.

    Thus, your statement is meaningless!!

  10. A woman has a right to an abortion during the first trimester but state law limits it after this time. This is the first 3 months.

    All state laws limiting women's access to abortions during the first trimester of pregnancy were invalidated by Roe v. Wade.

    State laws limiting such access during the second trimester were upheld only when the restrictions were for the purpose of protecting the health of the pregnant woman. This is 12 to 25 weeks. Late term abortion is after the 20th week. Very few hospitals and clinics will perform late term abortions because the baby is getting ready to pop and may be able to live on its own outside the body.

    Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the United States, which was not legal at all in many states and was limited by law in others.

  11. Holy cow, Anon 6:07. Way to take a non-literal sentence literally. Why don't you sleep a few winks, then come back and join reality.

  12. @Anon 5:43 I don't think a lot of people share this view with me, but I feel like the woman (usually) has initial rule over her body to partake in an action that could possibly result in fertilization, therefore resulting in a child being born. Once fertilization occurs, I don't really believe that a woman's body is entirely only hers anymore. There is another life depending on her to sustain it and feed it and nurture it and take care of it. Her body is not her baby's body and living space too.

    And no, I don't see that wearing a condom during sex is taking away the potential for life the same way getting an abortion is taking away the potential for life because fertilization hasn't occurred yet. I should have been more specific in my previous post. Once fertilization occurs I believe is when you are taking away the potential for life. If that were the case, then you'd have to consider everything that is not vaginal intercourse without any method of birth control as taking away a potential for life. I call utilizing birth control methods being responsible. Abortion is not a birth control method and should never be used as such.

  13. Well then, anon 11:37, you seem to believe that as soon as fertilization occurs, that fertilized egg suddenly has it's own "person", and has the right to "rule" over itself, although it does not necessarily have the means to "own" or "rule" itself. Obviously, if the mother herself cannot claim ownership of this fertilized egg inside of her, then who can other than the fertilized egg itself? Now, in protecting that fertilized egg's rights then, we would have to assume that that fertilized egg, if conscious, would say, "I have a right to live, let me be born".
    But this is ridiculous, and it is equally ridiculous to say that as soon as fertilization occurs, there is now a new "person" involved who must be able to assert the "rights" that we've already imposed on it. So why do we give rights like this to so-called "persons" who haven't even developed enough to really become a person? How in the WORLD does a fertilized egg = person??

  14. @anon 8:13 I feel like you are putting words in my mouth. Obviously the mother takes ownership for that fertilized egg, and the fertilized egg certainly cannot rule over itself, just as newborns and toddlers cannot rule over themselves.

    And in my first post I said that of course this fertilized egg is not a person just yet, but give it 9 months and it will become a person. 9 months is not a very long time. Even sooner than 9 months does the fertilized egg begin to have a heartbeat and develop vital organs.

    And why wouldn't it say "i have a right to live, let me be born"? I think it's more absurd to think that any conscious being who hasn't had any experiences yet wouldn't want the right to have those experiences.

    If you say that a "person" is someone who can "own" and "rule" itself, then shoot, we don't become people until, legally, we are 18. So then killing anyone under 18 is totally cool and okay then right? They aren't independent according to the law yet, so then they aren't really a person, right?

    And we would give the rights to the fetus because in a VERY short amount of time it WILL become a person. The fertilized egg is well on its way to becoming a person.

  15. Whatever your religious convictions, the fact remains that some women are simply not able to provide a stable environment for children. If these women will be forced to take their pregnancies to full term, and if the right-wing anti-abortion crowd is adamant that social services must be cut back to make way for tax breaks and wars, then perhaps those seeking to deny a woman's right to choose should be obliged to foster the resulting wave of unwanted children.