Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alien abduction would not happen now (by anon)

I watched this movie last weekend that initially freaked the shit out of me, and then I came to my senses.  The Fourth Kind is about some supposedly real happenings in Nome, Alaska.  Milla Jovovich is the lead actress in the movie, but before the actual film begins, Milla as Milla says that these events are real and that they may be disturbing.  She goes on to say that some “real” footage taken of these events and therapy sessions will be played alongside the reenactment pieces.  Such filmography is supposed to demonstrate the nonfictional character of the movie.  Thus, we are told that we will see the real people about which the film is about along with the actors and actresses playing those people in the film.

Right after I saw the movie, I must admit that I was a little uncomfortable because if what the movie was saying is true, then I’ve got some serious reorientating of my mind to do!  Then two things happened, which dispelled any unease.  First thing, while the credits were rolling, I did the whole google thing to get more info.  Very quickly, I realized the whole movie was a staged event.  The people who were supposed to be the “real” people were themselves actors and actresses.  Everything was quite convincing, but it was a sham.  To that end, the movie reminded me of Blairwitch.

Ok, but secondly, I started to think about the whole abduction thing.  The way these abduction accounts go is that aliens take you into their spaceships, do all these weird tests on you that almost always verge on the perverted (anal probes, sex part explorations, blah blah), then return you with your memory “almost” wiped clean.  Normally, it is at this point that I tune people out because that is all SO “out there” that I would need some really damn good reason to even entertain the possibility.  I don’t say it is impossible (because I do not have that kind of absolute knowledge), but I’m not going to believe some nutjob who says he’s been abducted just because he says it.  Call me crazy, but I need more – something a little more objective.

However, for the sake of argument, let’s supposed there really are aliens and that they have really done abductions.  As far as alien accounts go, many believe that aliens were around since the pyramids, and even earlier.  Ok, so here are my points for why alien abduction would not happen now.

1.     If aliens exist and have visited the earth many times since ~2000-3000 BC, they must have vastly superior technology and knowledge than our own.
2.     If they wanted to study humans, they would more likely take some humans and grow themselves a colony to test and experiment on.  They would have the know-how to do so, the means to do so, and it would be much simpler to do than conducting repeated abductions.
3.     When some humans experiment on mice and rabbits, that is exactly what they do.  They grow their own crops of animals.
4.     Such practice allows for better experiments since the environmental conditions surrounding the subjects of study are more controlled.
5.     Thus, there might have been a few alien abductions and kidnappings, but that would have ended long ago when the aliens developed their own crop of humans.
Don’t get me wrong.  I think the thought of alien abduction actually happening is crazy.  But in case I am mistaken and it did happen, there would be no reason why aliens would need to abduct people nowadays.  I’d venture that they would have some pretty good crops of humans spanning back centuries ago.  In fact, I think I’ll go watch the movie The Island again.  They made some good crops of humans there.


  1. what are you talking about? I was abducted yesterday. kind of fun.

  2. The little green men are here along with the vampires and shape shifters. Edward Cullen and Bella are banging up in Forks. David Icke is still searching for the reptilian overlords. Muddler says that the truth is out there Skuley. James Tiberius Kirk is going to take us where no one has gone before. Warp Drive Scotty but watch out for the Borg. Resistance is futile.

  3. Oh grow up. Take some science classes and stop believing in all this bullshit.

  4. You're argument is pretty weak. They "could" continue harvesting humans if there existed an incentive. Perhaps they like the taste ,or perhaps they find some sport in chasing us down in their interstellar space craft. Vaporizing innocent old farmer's couples one by one.

    If indeed aliens only wanted to "study" humans, they would HAVE to continually snag a few... why?

    Human being are CONSTANTLY going through genetic variations ,and since we all breed with each other interracialy, there is always a new specimen to probe.

    As if picking up a few 1740 farmers would provide much of a study? Now.. go pick up a few senators, bankers, ceo's and steve jobs for fun... and you have a whole different ball game.

    Just for thoughts..

  5. And your argument, even though it was made in jest, is pretty lame too. I am not going to waste time commenting on it. Make a rational argument of remain silent.

  6. Uh, if you are saying that the post was not rational, you've got two problems. Your comment itself lacks any good rationality. Last I checked, claiming lameness isn't a good reason. Thus, by your own advice, you should just shut up and be silent. But your other problem appears to be that your requirements for rationality are set so high that they are unrealistic. An argument was given with reasons, and so it was rational by definition. You don't have to agree with the reasons (presuming you have better reasons to think differently), but the original argument is rational nonetheless.

    So what I guess I'm saying is don't let your cockiness outstep your logic or else you just look foolish.