Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The time is right. The time is now.

As we witness acts of hate violence on our own campuses bred from ingrained stupidity,
as we watch politicians and pundits spew bullshit and lies,
as we incredulously stare at the selfish, greedy ways of our politicians, bankers, and CEOs,
as we consume media that gives crazy impressions about body image and gender-appropriate behavior,
as we live in a country where you already have strikes against you if you are LGBTQ, black, hispanic, muslim, woman, disabled, old, poor, and/or atheist,
and as many of our fellow Americans question the worth of rationality and a good education...


We can no longer sit idly by as many of today's loud voices are not the right voices.  They are not the voices of reason.

In the ongoing war by many well-reasoned people against the irrational, I hereby announce another front, The Critically Pissed.  The hope is that many of the students and faculty at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater will rise up to make our mark against the rising irrationality of our country.

We are going to think critically, write critically, and be pissed critically on those issues that matter to us (and should matter to you).


  1. The events listed here are connected to the current pursuit of global hegemony by the US empire. Unfortunately, mere blogging and wild raging at the system will not be enough to persuade the globalists way from their pursuit of world domination. The goal of the reactionary forces now stronger in the US since the end of Roosevelt administration has been to reverse the New Deal. Politicians for the most part are a group of spineless motherfuckers who represent the interests of the banksters and corporations. Yes we can Obama, selected by the corporate class, is no different from the rest of these motherfuckers. Second, the media serves as a tool of the corporate class. If it bleeds it leads is their motto! Instead of searching for the truth they served collectively as the mouth piece of Bush and the neocons. Next, the oppression of minority groups in the US is nothing new. For example, since the Atlantic Slave Trade, blacks have been kicked in the proverbial arse, and women continued to be exploited and oppressed. Ditto for the other groups listed on this list. Finally,many colleges are bastions of racism and intolerance. How many faculty of color have you had as professors in your classes at Whitewater, and why don't we have more? I will post something on this in the next week or so.

  2. Julian Assange of Wikileaks was arrested in London on some bogus bullshit charge of screwing without using a condom, but these charges hatched by the the CIA and endorsed by the Obama administration are only a ruse for them to implement their cybersecurity agenda and clamp down draconian controls on the Internet. There are already two major bills making their way through Congress. The shadow group Anonymous, attacking corporate web sites, may very well be a CIA front group, to further frighten the public to support Obama's cybersecurity agenda. Free Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.

  3. I love how alleged rapists are basically always defended by the people who like/agree with the alleged rapist in the first. "I like this person, they can't be a rapist" The claims of the alleged rape viticms don't matter, because the suffering of women is less important than the moral status of people we admire.

    Assange could or could not be gulity of rape, I don't know one way the other. But the way in which Assange supporters are quick to dismiss the claims of these women is evidence of sexism.

    Don't get me wrong I support Anonymous and Assange. I just think we need to think about the way in which we frame such support.

  4. So where did you come up with the idea that Assange has been charged with rape? Do not believe some of the idiots in the mainstream media. Read the actual charges against Julian.