Saturday, December 11, 2010

Expressing ourselves, for nothing??

Here's Ross' comment on a previous post:

"The events listed here are connected to the current pursuit of global hegemony by the US empire. Unfortunately, mere blogging and wild raging at the system will not be enough to persuade the globalists way from their pursuit of world domination. The goal of the reactionary forces now stronger in the US since the end of Roosevelt administration has been to reverse the New Deal. Politicians for the most part are a group of spineless motherfuckers who represent the interests of the banksters and corporations. Yes we can Obama, selected by the corporate class, is no different from the rest of these motherfuckers. Second, the media serves as a tool of the corporate class. If it bleeds it leads is their motto! Instead of searching for the truth they served collectively as the mouth piece of Bush and the neocons. Next, the oppression of minority groups in the US is nothing new. For example, since the Atlantic Slave Trade, blacks have been kicked in the proverbial arse, and women continued to be exploited and oppressed. Ditto for the other groups listed on this list. Finally, many colleges are bastions of racism and intolerance. How many faculty of color have you had as professors in your classes at Whitewater, and why don't we have more?" 

Now let's just assume that all we will do is express ourselves (which is debatable, but let's go with the flow).  Will this expression be mere expression like Ross says, falling on deaf ears of the powerful, the wealthy, the evil?  Is there no real point then to our criticisms?  Are such blogs and forums appeasement mechanisms the very powerful, wealthy, and evil set up so that we feel self-satisfied in the hope we really are saying something and being relevant?


(or else I'm reaching for my flask...)


  1. Blogs are about sharing news and having a dialouge with people of like mindset. They are useful for sharing ideas within a certain poltical group, but I doubt that a blog can be an effective outreach tool.

    Most people are pretty well set in the languge and value system of their particular idealogy, and when an idealogy has become part of a person's idenity there is no chaining their mind about anything.

    I am not saying that people never change their minds, but instead the process of changing someones mind is a very slow process and personal process, that isn't well suited for the medium of the blog.

  2. Ideologies can be changed! Empires lose their legitimacy, as Habermas wrote in Legitimation Crisis. People wake up and no longer believe the lies and falsehoods. Perhaps this medium is the start of this process. So have faith (opps bad word here!) By the way, I get some of my best ideas from blogs.